Among the habits that Covid-19 has changed, there has certainly been the way of making purchases. During the lockdown period, even the most traditionalist consumers turned to the digital market, expanding online sales exponentially.

For this reason, companies from all sectors have taken the chance by implementing or expanding their e-commerce channels, especially companies operating in the packaging sector.

These activities were among those most affected by this process, finding themselves having to respond to the new needs of their customers in an increasingly smart, fast and eco-sustainable way.

Among the groups in the sector, the Centurybox Group, with its two e-commerce Centuryprint and Centuryshop, has given a strong boost to the packaging market by making available to consumers a wide range of products dedicated to the new needs of post-Covid: masks, takeaway boxes for food, shipping boxes and much more.

Of the two sites, Centuryprint allows you to choose from a wide range of products that can be customized directly on the site, starting from 50 units. For those who need neutral and elegant products, Centuryshop offers products for any need and product sector.

However, the fundamental and essential characteristics on which Centurybox Group focuses are quality, speed and eco-sustainability.