Have you ever picked up a shopping bag or a box and wondered: How was this print created? Or perhaps decide to customize your packaging without knowing how to choose among the many possibilities this sector offers?

If you decide to search online for the most suitable solution, safely and without incurring unpleasant surprises, you need to know how to distinguish among the main printing methods.

Roberto Rossi, CEO of CM Cartotecnica Moderna Srl, a company founded by his father Rolando and specialized for more than 50 years in the production of high end packaging, will illustrate below the difference between the most famous types of printing: digital printing, hot printing, offset printing and screen printing.

How to choose the best print mode for our packaging?

“First of all it is good to know that all printing techniques allow us to obtain high quality products.

Hot stamping, for example, can be the ideal choice if you have particularly beautiful materials, such as special colored papers in which the rendering is maximum even with a single, metallic or pastel color.The Wonderbox magnetic box in special colored paper with hot stamping is our top of the range, suitable for containing any type of product and available starting from just 50 pieces.

The Screen printing technique is in some ways very similar to hot stamping. The main difference lies in the choice of color: while the former is ideal for reproducing shiny and metallic colors, the screen printing allows you to create any pantone shade. Tote bags or little cotton pouches be customized by printing a silk-screen logo choosing from 14 colors available.

Offset printing permits yourself printing without limits on the image resolution you want to create and not even on your imagination. This technique is perfect for the reproduction of high quality four-color photographic images and allows you to obtain excellent results while limiting costs. In the solutions offered on our e-shop Centuryprint, you can find shopping bags with these characteristics starting from 1000 units or delivery boxes and customizable boxes, starting from 500 pieces, choosing between offset printing up to two or four colors. Printing up to two colors permit to create either two positive colors or one color with a full printing background plus a second color for a logo while, printing up to four colors allows you to create photographic images with the four-color technique.

Digital printing is certainly the latest technological discovery and offers a graphic potential very similar to offset printing because it is possible to obtain four-color images with the advantage, compared to the previous one, of being able to produce smaller quantities. Noblesse shopping bags, for example, can be digitally printed on the entire surface or on a predefined area and are available in an eco-sustainable kraft version or with glossy or matt lamination."