1. Unboxing experience tips
  2. What is unboxing?
  3. Marketing tactics behind unboxing experience
  4. How to set up an unboxing campaign
  5. Examples of successful unboxing marketing campaigns
  6. Centuryprint supports you in the development of your unboxing strategy unfolding

1) Unboxing experience tips

The Covid pandemic has shifted our consumer habits. To react to this, companies have to adapt their experience in order to survive this difficult period. As mentioned in our previous blog article, the trend for ecommerce way of shopping has grown a lot, this habit won’t change rapidly as several studies underline. What is difficult for companies that were used to sell through more traditional selling points, is that the number of touchpoints with the clients has severely decreased. This means that is a lot harder to build a personal connection with their customers.

Product packaging has traditionally always taken an important place in the marketing mix of products. Indeed, the packaging of a product, or a company, embodies the values it tries to communicate. It transmits valuable information about the product, but also expresses the core values of the company. Having a custom shipping packaging in line with your business is therefore primordial. Brand packaging might help your company by considering the following factors:

  • A) Differentiation of your brand from another brand

Your product might have some competition in its sector, so it’s primordial for your company to catch your potential customer’s eye. According to “The paper worker”, 1/3th of a consumers decision is based mainly on the product packaging. If your packaging is unique, it will certainly be an eyecatcher if it is executed correctly. At Century Box we are able to develop completely custom packaging project, however Centuryprint is focused on offering fast and easy packaging solutions.

Unique shaped customized packaging

  • B) The colors you select influence consumer purchase habits

The colors that are used in packaging play a key role in the consumer decision. As a matter of fact, your brain reacts to colors in different ways. Some colors may appease you, while others might arouse interest. For example, supermarkets tend to use blue light tones because it conveys a relaxing mood. It slows the consumers down, which increases their net spending. Accordingly, it is important to study your target demographics in order to select a color scheme for your product packaging.

  • C) Product packaging is a real marketing tool

Product packaging’s importance has increased a lot over the last couple of months, for this reason it is important for your company to offer high-quality customized packaging to your different clients. This will help to bond them to your brand, but might also attract new clients. Indeed, if the packaging of your brand is fashionable and instagramable, it might be liked even more and find a place on the Instagram feed of your customers. This mouth-to-ear style of marketing will be activated solely due to the custom shipping box being liked and shared on social media.

  • D) Packaging helps to create brand awareness and brand recognition

The biggest touchpoint for an ecommerce-based company, excepted for the product/service they sell, is the branded packaging in which it is delivered. Indeed, when the order finally arrives at the doorstep, the packaging will be the first tangible characteristic of the service that the customer will see. By making this package enjoyable, the moment it finally arrives will be memorable and greatly increase the brand awareness for the customer.

Unboxing gif kids

One of the ways to counter this difficulty, is to bond your client to your brand. Instead of bonding them through a fancy and classy physical selling point, packaging remains one of the only tangible touchpoints for your audience. As a matter of fact, before the pandemic the online shopping trend was already growing rapidly. However, our consumer habits have been shaped in such a way that it won’t be an easy process to regain the same attraction to physical selling points. In this way it is really important to be able to present a packaging that is in line with the values your company express.

The biggest touchpoint for an ecommerce-based company, excepted for the product/service they sell, is the branded packaging in which it is delivered. Indeed, when the order finally arrives at the doorstep, the packaging will be the first tangible characteristic of the service that the customer will see. By making this package enjoyable, the moment it finally arrives will be memorable and greatly increase the brand awareness for the customer.

Once the customer will open the package, the whole unboxing experience will make sense. Indeed, the consumer is eagerly waiting for his order, so the whole experience has to be right in order to fully enjoy the product. First of all, it is important that the shipping box isn’t damaged. By opting for a solid package, the final customer will, even before opening, be assured that his precious product isn’t damaged.

“Why is it important to have a customized shipping box?” you may ask yourself. By having a customized shipping box, you’ll be able to increase the customer experience in it’s whole. As a matter of fact, this customized shipping box will differentiate itself from the others. Many companies are starting to sell their products online, making it more and more difficult for a company to differentiate themselves. To help your product staying in your customers mind, the whole consumer journey experience has to be optimized. The unboxing experience will help a lot in this process, as it is one of the only physical connection points between the customer and you.

Unboxing might be one of the most efficient ways to perform quite direct marketing, as the packaging will be seen by several people. Even more if the customer posts on social media.

2) What is unboxing?

Unboxing is the act of opening the shipping box once you receive it, to discover the inside of it. Additionally, it is important to notice that this isn’t about the product it contains. When a person makes an unboxing video, they share their experience when receiving the package. The videos usually start with a closed packaging on a table, with the host explaining the whole customer journey. They mention where they bought it, what it is supposed to contain and they express their expectations regarding the object.

The whole process of the unboxing is documented on video. When brands encourage their customers to share their unboxing experience online, they know this will create a lot of relatively costless publicity. We notice that the unboxer spends a lot of time showcasing a lot of the details, showing how important it is to have a highly qualitative packaging for your brand.

With the historic growth of companies such as YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, the whole experience surrounding the product is becoming at least as important as the product itself. Unboxing videos are considered to be highly engaging, about 62% of the viewers have the intent to purchase a similar product.

Unboxing amazement

In order to make your packaging stand out, 5 important point have been given by the USPS1. In addition to make it stand out, branded shipping packaging can help your company to reach its goals:

  • 1) Share your company story

By making sure that the most important selling points of your company are correctly represented on the packaging, you will ensure that the packaging shares the same value as you. It is important to have packaging in line with your values, especially when packaging is one of the only tangible contact points between the customer and your company. Values such as sustainability or luxury are easily transmitted with an according packaging solution

  • 2) Branding of the shipping box

The different shipping boxes that can be used to give a really uplifting unboxing experience for your customers can be fully customized. By branding these different boxes, you’ll be able to transmit, in addition to your core values, a good image of your company. Branded shipping boxes make a good impression with your customers and will help to bond them to your company. It is important for you to understand your customers and to know what they expect. If you align yourself with your consumers, they will anticipate the arrival of their shipping and be excited to open it.

  • 3) Organize the inside of the packaging

Once the customer has received his packaging and acknowledged it, the first thing he’ll do will be to open it. In order to keep the customer fully enthusiastic, the arrangement of the inside of the shipping box is really important for the unboxing moment. This is even more true if the unboxing of your product is filmed and eventually shared online.

Unboxing organized cardboard box

The customer has to understand that your product is the key part of the experience, but all the surrounding events and gimmicks have to be at the same level. This can be achieved by putting your product in an orchestrated box, in a way that the customer will be in awe in front of your product.

  • 4) Make the unboxing personal

Ecommerce makes it more difficult for a company to build a close and personal relationship with its customers. Indeed, you won’t be able to build a close relation online, unless you make the consumer’s experience personalized. By using the client’s information for a personal thank you card, or just a simple message with their name, the client will remember far more his experience with your web shop. It is difficult for web shops to differentiate themselves online, so giving personal attention to each of their customers will greatly increase the perception of the brand.

It may be difficult to find the perfect personal attention that you could give to your customers, for this reason we make it possible to order small batches of customized packaging. By adapting your packaging to seasons and events you already show your interest in the companies’ environment. Nonetheless, it is mandatory to choose something that lays in line with the positioning of your company.

  • 5) Go one step further than your competitors

By offering something extra to your customers, you’ll be able to increase even more their experience with your brand, making you truly unforgettable. Firstly, you’ll surprise your customers with great customized packaging adapted to their needs. After the initial surprise, you’ll be able to bond them even more by offering a little extra. This can be a free sample, a reduction code or even something like a catalog. Many different extra attentions can be found to surprise your customer.

3) Marketing tactics behind unboxing experience

The unboxing experience is more and more become an integral part of the consumer’s experience. Everyone unboxes some gifts occasionally and enjoys it, this shows how important it is for an internet-based company to have a great unboxing experience of its products. A great unboxing experience will lead to an emotional bond with your brand, increasing long term relationships. This underlines the importance of the unboxing experience in the globality of the whole marketing experience the customer lives from start to end. The delivery of the packaging at his home, is the last marketing step the company can undertake before the customer discovers the product.

Most of the time unboxing videos will be uploaded to youtube or other social media, enticing companies to differentiate themselves through the shipping packaging they choose to employ. The unboxing strategy can be an integer part of the digital marketing strategy in its whole. They can complete an already thriving digital media strategy and bring something extra. Unboxing videos are a real attraction for your company, they have an interesting outreach and enables your product to reach targets that might have been more difficult to attain. If we observe the evolution of the researches around the keyword “unboxing”, we notice that it increased steadily over time. Since a few years, this term has been researched a lot, but we clearly see an increase since the beginning of the Covid crisis. The search term spiked recently again, which shows that people are still interested in this phenomenon.

Evolution of organic search for Unboxing as keyword

If we take a look at the globalization of this phenomenon, we clearly notice that it isn’t just a local phenomenon in the US or Europe. Some of the Asian countries seem particularly fond of it, while other regions like south-America also search for unboxing videos. We clearly notice that it is a globally recognized occurrence.

Another good reason for investing in a good-looking custom shipping box is that you might be sending your products to some youtuber or influencer without knowing it. If this person particularly likes your product and its accompanying packaging, chances are that he or she will share it on their social media, bringing some extra organic attraction to your brand. This helps a lot in the building of brand awareness.

3.1 Why is the unboxing experience important?

The unboxing experience has been widely discussed previously, however, it is important to determine ultimately why the unboxing experience is important in the product marketing mix?

  • 1) Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a time consuming process, it takes several purchases before a customer calls himself loyal to a brand. A vast majority of people, up to 37% , say that it takes them more than 5 purchases before they call themselves loyal. This is an important number of purchases, so it is really important to please your customer until he calls himself loyal to your brand. Loyalty marketing is taking a great part also in the traditional marketing mix. An Adobe article2 mentions that it costs 5x more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. But additionally, to being cost-effective, it is also proven that after building a long-term relationship, customers tend to spend 67% more than new ones. This loyalty strategy relies on emotions, it gives the consumer the feeling of being an influencer when opening his custom-made shipping package. By giving the customer the impression this kind of empowerment, they will shop again at your webshop.

Number of times a shopper has to come back before calling himself loyal

  • 2) First impression is invaluable

Ecommerce companies have a lot of fewer touchpoints between their brand and their customers than in traditional physical retail. It is important to capitalize on the touchpoints you do have, the shipping box being one of the most prominent tangible touchpoints between the company and its customer. If this packaging is extremely satisfactory and visually appealing, the first impression of the consumer will be very good. At the moment the customer receives its package, an attractive, well-presented package will be liked and increase the customers opinion on your company.

  • 3) Increase perceived value

A lot of competition exists nowadays on the internet and many products may seem quite similar at first glance. For this reason, it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is important that you offer more than just a product. If you offer a unique unboxing experience, the customer will be pleased and remember your unique way of doing.

This unboxing of adidas products is really good. You clearly see that their packaging has been researched and developed specifically for this. The vlogger who unboxes the package seems clearly impressed. This type of videos, shows that a good digital marketing campaign which includes influencers, unique packaging and good products can do wonders. This video has more than 4 million views and is relatively cheap in terms of marketing budget.

  • 4) Storytelling through packaging design

Packaging plays an entire part in the storytelling of a companies’ values. It is capable of transmitting values and a real message through the choice of packaging and its customization. As selling platforms become more and more virtual, it is important for a company to transmit its message to its customer. However, this is way easier in a physical shop where you can more easily immerge your customers in your world. If you take a look at shops such as Disney or M&M’s, they take their customers on a trip to their world, while shopping at their shop.

Disney shop universe immersion storytelling

It is harder to submerge a customer into an environment while shopping online. To counter this, one of the only physical touchpoints between the company and the consumer is the shipping box, companies have to tell their story on the few tangible touchpoints. Ultimately the design of your packaging is totally up to you, custom packaging shows that your brand goes beyond for its customers. It gives a whole brand experience, putting the focus on the global experience and not exclusively the product.

M&M store design - storytelling

  • 5) Support marketing mix

In addition to bringing a great experience to your customers, the custom-made packaging can also fulfill a role of content marketing. As a matter fact, printed shipping packaging can also find it’s way on your own social media. You can communicate on the customized packaging as a unique selling point. It is not a reason on its own for customers to chose for your company, but it transmits a clear message. It shows that your company is thriving to improve and looking after the whole customer experience, and not just about the product.

4) How to set up an unboxing campaign

Now that we discovered the advantages of a good unboxing experience, it is time to practically set up the campaign. Several of your competitors might try to develop custom boxes, but if you follow these different steps, you’ll increase the probability of likability of your unboxing strategy.

  • 1) Branding of your shipping boxes

The first and most evident step that can be taken is to brand your packaging. By branding, we mean customizing it in a personal way, such that your packaging is noticeable between your competitors’. It has to be clear, from the moment your customer receives his package, that it comes from your shop. This will help your brand by building brand recognition. It will also help to build excitement for your customer, as he will start to crave your product once he recognizes his package. The unique packaging designs you’ll be able to build on our website will give your company a touch of class.

  • 2) Opt for unique packing material inside of the box

By choosing unique but practical packaging materials inside of the box, you’ll be able to impress even more your customer. For example, if you wedge your product in one of our shipping boxes with custom silk paper, your customer will be more than happy. He will be completely submerged in the universe of your company. This has advantages not only on an aesthetic side, but also on a practical side. By using appropriate wedges, your product will arrive intact at your customers address.

By using sustainable products on the inside of your packaging, you’ll be able to promote and cultivate and image of strong ethics and social responsibility. It is important to select a packaging, and design, that is in line with your companies’ values.

  • 3) Product presentation is key

Once you selected an appropriate shipping box and coherent design, you just have to dispose elegantly your products. It is key to put your product as the star of the shipping box. Indeed, when the unboxing takes place, it is important that the whole presentation lays around the product you finally sold to your customer. The whole experience is really important, but ultimately the summum is your product.

Unboxing of well designed cardboard customized giftbox

To succeed in your unboxing strategy, you have to take into account the dimensions of your product. By doing this, you’ll be able to organize everything accordingly in the box, in such a way that your customers will like it. One of the measures to see if your unboxing strategy is working, could be to put a Hashtag on the packaging and to see how it worked organically. A succeeded unboxing experience is once that your customers will eagerly share on their social media.

  • 4) Let your clients discover more products freely

One of the ways to give the client the perception that he had some added-value by ordering at your company, might be to give free samples of other products. By letting your customer discover more of your products, you increase the chance to bond him to your company for a longer period. If the client liked the product he received, and the whole customer journey experience, giving him also an extra sample will give him several reasons to order again. As announced previously, it is way less costly to bond clients than to find new clients. What can also be done, is to give away reduction coupons. If you give some reductions on your website to a satisfied client, there is a high chance that he will order again. Ultimately this is the objective of the unboxing experience.

  • 5) Customized packaging

Online shopping is unpersonal in some ways, and may be close to mass-produced retail experiences. In order to overcome this sentiment, you have to show to your clients that you care about them and acknowledge them. They have to get the feeling that they matter, which will on the long term build a strong relationship between you and your customers.

By customizing your packaging and changing it regularly, you will be able to continuously surprise your clients. If each time they order they receive their product in a different but relevant packaging, your customers will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort you put into it. The unboxing experience can improve a lot the relationship between you and your partner.

5) Examples of successful unboxing marketing campaigns

The box offered by the dollar shave club is very well presented and concise. You directly notice the subject of the box, and you see that everything fits perfectly. When the client receives his shipping box, he’ll live a very pleasant unboxing experience. You also notice the different customized parts inside of the box. In fact, you recognize the different steps of a successful unboxing strategy.

Unboxing of shaving box - good looking unboxing box

The text on the outside of the box makes the branding of the box clear. Indeed, you directly notice, when receiving it, that this box is the one you expected. The branding of the box lets you know that it is line with the companies’ values. Furthermore, you notice that the inside package of the box is very well thought. The different parts are fixed firmly, but with a kraft cardboard. You notice that it has been thought after.

The product presentation is also optimized, you see that each part has been reflected and is there for a reason. The spotlight of the box is put on the shaving kit, which is ultimately what the customer ordered. When the client receives the packaging, the dollar shave club offers coupons for future packages, and lets the clients discover new products.

6) Centuryprint supports you in the development of your unboxing strategy unfolding

Centuryprint is a Belgian packaging company based in Villers-la-Ville that can support you in your actions to develop the unboxing strategy of your company. Many reasons can be found to develop such a strategy, for this reason at centurybox we have a whole product line that will suit the growing demand.

First of all, we can mention products such as customizable cardboard box. The Wonderbox, Evobox and other models such as the Flowerbox are very photogenic customizable packaging options that will suite your needs. The wonderbox and Evobox are printable magnetic giftboxes that can contain a wide variety of objects. Ranging from clothes to very delicate jewelry, the unboxing experience will be very pleasant for the customer and increase your brand awareness. These luxury giftboxes will please your customers, increasing the chance that they share them online.

Custom cardboard gift box

The flowerbox is a more traditionally shaped customizable cardboard box that is multifunctional. Many uses can be found for this voluminous box. Its lid is practical for closing the upper part. The cardboard box is delivered flat, its shape is particularly suited for containing products such as flower bouquets, clothing accessories such as belts, ties, cosmetics, jewelry and candles. As you notice, there are many possible usages that can be found for this type of packaging, without forgetting the great unboxing experience your customers will live. We also have true shipping boxes which can be customized. These shipping boxes can easily be associated with other products we propose.

customized cardboard flowerbox

Furthermore we also have some other types of packaging that can be used in a complementary way with the cardboard boxes. For example, we have an elegant and very original looking paper pouch. The T-bag pouch comes with grey cotton glued to its surface, it has a fine knot in rope. This elegant pouch is practical and unique. This type of customizable luxury packaging is very in demand, it delivers and transmits core values in line with the companies that use them.

T-pouch paper gift bag

Our customized silk paper is the perfect solution for several types of use. First of all you can use the customized silk paper to wedge different products in the packaging to put them in safety. This will show your customers that you think about the smallest details. The custom silk paper can also be used to decorate the shipping boxes on the inside and surprise the customers in this way.