Unboxing, or rather the act of opening a package, represents the most exciting moment in the online purchase process.

The thousands of videos on Youtube and the dedicated posts on the various social networks and blogs demonstrate the great attention and expectation that customers reserve at this moment.

In e-commerce, the shipping package represents the first point of contact with the customer. Yet, unpacking or unboxing, experienced by customers as if it were a taste of Christmas on any day, is still underestimated by businesses and merchants who do not consider it as a real marketing strategy.

Despite this, the evolution of consumer habits will be increasingly oriented towards offering a complete brand experience, starting with the opening of the package.

Below you will find 5 tips on how to make the expedition experience unforgettable:



A personalized shipping box is a very powerful business card as it makes immediately perceptible the attention and care of the brand toward the customers and gives a great added value to the product. The possibility of reusing a nice box will entice the customer even more to make new purchases. Centuryprint is a website that allows infinite possibilities for customizing your packaging and also the possibility of creating beautiful personalized shipping boxes capable of making your brand unforgettable.


If the sight is the first aspect to be noticed when talking about a packaging product, we cannot fail to consider the other senses such as touch and smell. Today many retailers choose to use special paper to wrap their products; a special rough texturedcolored and customizable paper could be the solution to amaze your customers. Even the sense of smell wants its part in fact there are now many shops that use to vaporize fragrances on shopping bags or decorative elements to associate the brand with a recognizable and distinctive smell.


A timeless idea with a meaningful impact is to insert samples or small gifts inside the box. Of course, this depends on the type of product that a company produces. For example, a stationery store that will send books to its customer may include a sample of a special ribbon, stickers, or a postcard with a discount on next purchases.


The choice of packaging materials is essential because it must, on the one hand, protect the product from shocks and ensure its safety and, on the other, allow for easy opening.


In addition to the specific characteristics of the packaging, there is a fundamental aspect of the shipping process to be taken into consideration: to inform the client about the status of the order.

It is no coincidence that the emails regarding order confirmations or the status of the shipment have an opening rate of 90% and a higher level of involvement than any other email. Including a tracking code in your online shop or sending it via email will ensure an optimal shopping experience.