How to choose a personalized packaging to wrap candles?

  1. Customized candle packaging for candles
  2. What kind of packaging can be used to pack candles safely?
    1. Personalized gift box for candle
      1. Customized magnetic box for candle
      2. Gift box delivered flat
    2. Customized silk paper
    3. Reusable bag
      1. Tote bag in cotton
      2. Tote bag in felt
      3. Tote bag in denim
  3. Examples of personalized candle packaging made by Century Box.
  4. How to send a candle safely?

In recent years, we have seen strong growth in the candle sector. Indeed, on the one hand, we observe that more and more companies are starting to make candles. Not only decorative candles are offered, but also candles with special scents. On the other hand, we are also seeing a significant growth in the purchase of candles by private individuals.

Candles can easily give a certain atmosphere to a room. By opting for a scented candle, the customer has the opportunity to escape. Many familiar smells exist, but we can also find more exotic smells. There are the more classic scented candles with more traditional smells, such as vanilla or fir. But it is now also possible to find candles with less common scents such as "sea mist" or "Sunday in the countryside".

Smelling candle with nice holder

Another important element in the popularity of candles, comes from their container. These are sometimes very original, but they fulfill a real role. Indeed, if your customer likes it, he will keep your candle container as a decorative piece.

1) Customized candle packaging for candles

Centuryprint offers a wide range of personalized candle packaging. A wide range of printable packaging is available, indeed we offer gift boxes to wrap glass candles, candle bags or printable silk paper. These different options of personalized candle packaging will give you the opportunity to seduce your customers. Strong and elegant packaging is very important nowadays, it is one of the only tangible objects that the customer takes home from your store. Moreover, when the customer buys his candle(s), your personalized packaging will serve to glorify your product.

Dyptique custom packaging for perfumery and luxury scented candle

Thanks to the customized eco-friendly packaging we offer, you will be able to build even more customer loyalty. The candle market is constantly growing and the number of competitors is constantly increasing. In order to stand out in the candle business, you can opt for personalized packaging suitable for scented candles. The personalized packaging for handcrafted candles is an original solution.

2) What kind of packaging can be used to pack candles safely?

Multiple options are available for you to choose the best packaging for your handcrafted candles. Thanks to our webshop, you will be able to choose the candle solution that best suits you and your customers. You will be able to choose the best packaging for melting candles.

2.1) Personalized gift box for candle

Centuryprint has acquired a great deal of expertise in the creation of personalized gift sets of all kinds. Indeed, a multitude of boxes are available for personalization in our online store. We are going to present you some models of customizable boxes that can be used to hold candles.

2.1.1) Customized magnetic box for candle

The first type of packaging that we offer you to contain your handcrafted candles is the magnetic box. In our catalog, we offer a multitude of magnetic gift boxes, however some models are more suitable for containing candles. Often these are quite bulky and heavy, it is therefore important to choose a strong enough packaging. Nevertheless, this packaging must also be able to transmit the values conveyed by your products. Two types of magnetic boxes are particularly suitable for this type of use.

First of all we propose you the Cubox, a customizable cubic magnetic box. This unique box will sublimate your products thanks to its original shape. Indeed, this perfectly cubic personalized gift box will be able to contain several types of candles. Available in several formats, choose the format that suits you best in order to seduce your customers by offering them a packaging in the continuity of your brand's universe.

Cubox - magnetic cubical gift box

This magnetic box in a cube shape is delivered flat and is perfect to contain products such as ready-to-wear accessories (belts, scarves and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration, MUG box (cups) and candles. It can be assembled instantly thanks to its magnetic flap closure and stays in this assembled position thanks to a clever tilting assembly system with a permanent sticker. This cubic gift box is made of solid 100% recycled cardboard of 1200 gr/m² covered with a cover paper (inside and outside) of 140 gr/m² white coated matt.

Another personalized gift box that you can use to wrap your candles is theEvobox. Traditionally thinner, we have developed a model of this iconic gift box that can accommodate the needs of candle brands. Indeed, we offer a model with the following unique dimensions 22 cm wide, 11 cm high and 10 cm deep. These original dimensions will allow you to wrap up to 3 candles together, while guaranteeing visual satisfaction for your customers. Moreover, you will be able to choose this packaging model with or without a window.

Evobox customized thin magnetic gift box

The Evobox is the most advanced magnetic box on the market. It is luxurious, solid and easy to handle. Made of 100% recycled 1200 g/m² rigid cardboard covered with a 140 g/m² cover paper (inside and outside) with or without lamination depending on the colors, it ensures maximum protection of the product. This box offers an added value to your products. Also magnetic, its velcro flaps allow for easy closing. The box can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly (unlike the Wonderbox, which is permanently installed). It is delivered flat.

2.1.2) Gift box delivered flat

Other models of personalized gift boxes that can be used to wrap candles are available in our catalog. Indeed, some of our flat delivered boxes can also be used as candle wrapping. The advantage of the flat delivery packaging is that you can save a lot of space during storage. You will be able to pack your candles in boxes that are just as sturdy as boxes that have already been assembled and are very easy to assemble.

First of all, we can offer you the Flowerbox bell box. This customizable gift box with lid is very solid and elegant, allowing you to pack your handmade candle in it safely, while keeping a touch of elegance and luxury. This voluminous model is very easy to assemble. This personalized cubic gift box with lid will seduce your customers, giving you the opportunity to enhance your brand image. Thanks to the different sizes available, you will be able to hold very large candles.

Flowerbox customizable gift box with a lid

The box is delivered flat and the rigid bell cap is already mounted. The customizable Flowerbox candle gift box is perfect to contain products such as floral arrangements, ready-to-wear accessories (belts, scarves and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration (teapot, statuette), MUGs (cups) and candles. It can be assembled instantly and remains in the assembled position thanks to a clever tilting mounting system with a permanent sticker. It is made of solid 100% recycled cardboard of 1200 gr/m², covered with a 140 gr/m² cover paper (inside and outside), with or without lamination according to the colors.

Next, we offer the Campana box, a customizable recycled cardboard gift box. This personalized ecological candle packaging is an ideal solution for brands that want to imbue their customers with a more environmentally responsible world. Particularly appreciated by artisanal candle creators, this candle packaging is less expensive, but just as elegant and solid.

Campana customizable recyclable cardboard gift box

The Campana box is ideal for packing clothes and accessories. Made of 420 gr/m² plastic-coated cardboard, it combines fashion, sobriety and refinement. This gift box with a lid is available in many sizes and colors. It is delivered flat in 2 pieces (bottom and lid) in order to save a lot of space. It is assembled without glue by simply folding it. Count +/- 1 minute for the assembly of the lid and the bottom of the box.

The latest model of custom flat delivered box we offer is the smartflat box. This printable gift box has the particularity of being a drawer box. Indeed, this very unique and voluminous model offers you the possibility to wrap many candles.

Smartflat printable drawer box

Easy and quick to assemble, this customizable drawer box is delivered flat in two parts. The Smartflat box has been thought and thought for the most beautiful brands in order to reconcile elegance and solidity. It is made of 1200g/m² rigid and recycled cardboard, itself covered with matt white or black kraft laminated paper. It can be used in the shoe industry as well as in art and gastronomy, without forgetting the function it can fulfill as a gift wrapping for scented candles. It can be assembled without glue by simply folding it. Assembly of the Evobox-style inner bowl with double walls and velcro. It takes +/- 1 minute for the assembly (lid and bottom of the box).

2.2) Customized silk paper

Centuryprint offers personalized tissue paper to wrap your scented handmade candles in the best possible conditions. In order to avoid having an empty space in the candle box, you can opt for our personalized tissue paper. By filling your personalized gift box with our printed tissue paper, you will put the candle in the best possible conditions. This has two major advantages. First of all, you offer your customer the possibility to immerse himself even more in your brand's universe. By offering a printed tissue paper, your customer will see your image throughout the entire unboxing experience. This is even more important when the candle is offered as a gift.

Customizable white tissue paper with black printing

It is also important to note that you can use printable tissue paper to prevent the candle from moving inside the box. By inserting a few sheets of silk paper, the candle will be immobilized and in perfect conditions for transport.

2.3) Reusable bag

In addition to personalized candle gift boxes and printed tissue paper, Centuryprint also offers several models of printed reusable bags. These reusable candle bags are available in several materials. We offer a classic cotton tote bag, but also felt or denim tote bags. Each of these models has the advantage of being very practical and solid, so they are easily reusable. Put your logo on it and allow your customers to proudly display your colors everywhere.

2.3.1 Tote bag in cotton

The personalized cotton shopping bag that we offer is very strong and elegant. It offers you the possibility to safely contain your different types of candles. This bag is equipped with handles and can therefore be easily carried by everyone. Two different models exist, with or without bottom gusset.

Customizable coton tote bag with handles

2.3.2 Tote bag in felt

Just like the cotton tote bag, this felt bag offers many possibilities of personalization. Indeed, you will be able to put your logo on it to allow your customers to reuse this bag while improving your brand image. This reusable candle bag is very resistant and elegant, offering you a quality packaging for your brand. There are also 2 different models, with or without bottom and side gussets.

2.3.3 Tote bag in Denim

Finally we also offer a reusable bag model made of a very special material. In fact, we have developed a jeans bag that can be customized and offers you many possibilities. This model of reusable bag will undoubtedly delight your customers.

Customizable jeans denim tote bag

3) Examples of personalized candle packaging made by Century Box.

Dyptique is a luxury Parisian perfumery that offers a wide range of scented products. In their offer, we find among others perfumes, health products for face and body but also candles. We have created this very nice box in collaboration with Dyptique, which will delight our customers.

Dyptique customized giftbox for candles

Baobab is a Belgian company offering a large number of candles, home fragrances and candleholders. In order to highlight their beautiful candles, we work with Baobab.

Customized packaging for baobab candles

Jody Lo is a Belgian company also offering high-end candles. We collaborated with Jody Lo to offer a personalized candle packaging that reflects their brand image: elegant, refined and luxurious.

Luxurious cardboard candle packaging for Jody LO

4) How to send a candle safely

In order to send your handmade candles to your customers, we have developed the Postpack personalized shipping box. This printable gift box offers you the possibility to send your candles safely anywhere in the world. Use printed tissue paper to limit the space in the box and offer your customers the possibility to have their favorite scented candles delivered in your own personalized packaging. In addition, using a personalized candle shipping package gives you the opportunity to satisfy your customer at the reception. Your package will be recognizable, and by putting your colors on it, you will bring your customer into the world of your brand.

Postpack customized shipping box

In order to be able to send your delicate candles, we have developed some very practical solutions. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to opt for our foam wedges to immobilize your candles during shipping. This will guarantee an intact arrival, the candle will remain in place. We have also developed a more ecologically responsible solution, in the form of a 100% biodegradable cardboard wedge. This cardboard allows you to safely send your most delicate candles.