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Our shipping boxes are very sturdy and elegant, you will be able to ship any product by trusting us!

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We also offer finer and more delicate boxes in flexible cardboard, there is a box for every object.

You want to offer a loyalty card to your most precious customers? Do it in all elegance and discretion

The gift boxes offered by Centuryprint are available in many colors and are also printable. These customizable gift boxes will highlight your product and allow your customer to have a package that will not go unnoticed. The resistant packaging offered is also a qualitative packaging with beautiful finishes. Responsible packaging is important to us and we strive to offer environmentally friendly packaging.

Our boxes are shipped flat for most, but there are also already mounted boxes to save you time. A gift box delivered flat takes up less space in storage but should be mounted by your own care. A premade gift box will allow you to save time, they will be immediately ready for use. We offer a wide range of food boxes for professionals in the catering trade.

These food boxes in addition to a wide range of food bags can contain all your best products. Bottles boxes are also available in different formats, in fact there are several versions of this packaging for bottles. We provide the best wine cellars and have cases for bottles of wine, beer or other beverage from the model for one bottle, a box for 3 bottles and ultimately a box for magnum bottles.

A wide range of customized magnetic boxes and magnetized cabinets

In our range of gift boxes made of cardboard, we offer a wide range of magnetic gift boxes. These magnetic cardboard gift boxes are a great solution for your various luxurious packaging needs. A flagship model is the flatbox. This magnetic box available in many formats is a customizable gift box with different types of prints. Hot printing, digital printing and offset printing are also available to customize your colors. Very elegant, this flatly delivered box comes with magnetic closure and is ideal for any type of use (clothing, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, food box,). Rigid cardboard constituted 100% recycled to 1200 g / m² coated with a cover paper (interior and exterior) of 140 g / m² with or without film coating according to colors, it ensures maximum protection of the product and a high quality presentation.

Adhesives allow definitive consolidation of the box. Another product that we want to highlight is the magnetic flatbox box, a package with magnets. The flatbox box is the most advanced magnetic box on the market. She is luxurious, sturdy and handy. Magnetic box constituted of 100% recycled rigid cardboard, 1200 g / m² coated with a cover paper (interior and exterior) of 140 g / m² with or without film coating according to the colors, this magnetic box ensures maximum protection of the product. This box provides an added value to your products. Also magnetic, its Velcro flaps allow easy closure.

Finally the magnetized box CUBOX is a high magnetic cardboard box offered in multiple colors. Furthermore, it is possible to customize this magnetic gift box with different printing techniques. This magnetic box flat delivered is cube-shaped, is perfect to contain accessories such as prêt-à-porter (belts, scarves, and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration, MUG (cups) and candles.

It amounts instantly through its closure in magnetic flap and remains in the mounted position thanks to a clever mounting system with a permanent sticker. It consists of 100% recycled solid cardboard 1200 g / m² coated with a cover paper (interior and exterior) of 140 gr / m² with or without film coating according to the colors. This gift box made from recycled cardboard is an environmentally friendly packaging.

Unique boxes

Centuryprint offers a wide range of products, some of which are unique models. Indeed, the drawer box out of cardboard SMARTFLAT is a luxurious gift box that will put your product in the best conditions. Quick and easy to assemble, this drawer gift box is delivered flat in two parts. The Smartflat box was thought for the finest brands to combine elegance and practicality. It consists of rigid and recycled cardboard of 1200 gr / m² with coated paper in mat white or kraft black.

It can be used both in the field of shoe art or gastronomy. Moreover Centuryprint offers other boxes models, such as the bell FLOWERBOX, a box with a lid. The gift box with lid is delivered flat, the rigid cover is delivered already mounted. The gift box is perfect for containing different types of floral products, ready to wear accessories (belts, scarves and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration (teapot, statuette) MUG (cups) and candles. She rises instantaneously and remains in the mounted position thanks to a clever mounting system with a permanent sticker. Centuryprint is proud to introduce its cardboard sending box for online businesses, the POSTPACK.

This box to send packages is perfect for any company that conducts online sales and wishes to send its products in the best possible conditions. Print your reference, this eco-box for e-commerce is fully customizable. This kraft gift box is an environmentally friendly packaging. This box made of corrugated cardboard extremely resistant of 700 gr / m² is ideal for your Webshop shipments. 100% recyclable and biodegradable, it is covered with white kraft paper on one side and brown kraft paper on the other side (fully reversible, you can choose the color of the outside). The assembly is quick and without glue. It is delivered flat.