Shopping bag Noblesse (delivery in 15 days)16x7.5x24 CM | NOBLESSE PAPER BAG KRAFT | DIGITAL PRINT ON FIXED DEFAULT AREA
  • Shopping bag Noblesse (delivery in 15 days)16x7.5x24 CM | NOBLESSE PAPER BAG KRAFT | DIGITAL PRINT ON FIXED DEFAULT AREA

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Original, trendy and up-to-date, the bag adds value to your products. It is made of 170 g/sqm havana or white kraft paper (unlaminated). The knotted handles are made of 5 mm * 45 cm cotton rope, the same color as the paper. The handles match the color of the paper. Bottom and top edges reinforced with glued cardboard (400 g/sqm).
Entirely made of paper with cotton handles, the bag is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Your brand image is boosted.

The digital printing is made on a fixed default area on both sides (front and back). The image resolution is low compared to offset printings and a full color printing is not recommended: for example, one side entirely blue or red.

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Havana Kraft Paper of 170gsmCotton rope handles of 5 mm, 4 knots, the same color as the paperReinforcement cardboard on turnover tops and bottomDigital printing on a fixed default area.


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