About us

CENTURY BOX was created in 1982 in Belgium and has continued to be renewed for the creation of innovative packaging intended for brands, boutiques and events. For over 35 years, Centurybox has worked with over 4,500 customers in 65 countries around the world for the production of paper bags and gift boxes for the luxury industries.

In an accelerating business environment, we have seen an increasing demand for quality packaging with a wide range of graphic possibilities for short quantities and deadlines.

We have responded to the demand with the development of the brand new Centuryprint platform based on:

It's based on:

  • innovative printing technologies .
  • A reimagined logistics and production approach - as soon as you place your order, it is processed in a system of rapid production and logistics tracking.
  • An easy order taking platform for professional graphic designers and ordinary users.

The combination of these components allows us to offer a wide range of quality packaging, available in small quantities and delivered quickly (MOQ of 50 units and delivery in 15 days).