Centuryprint offers you the possibility to order your personalized packaging from 50 units, the customization tools are very easy to use.

Indeed, we offer you the possibility to personalize your packaging very easily. Thanks to our web to print solution, you are able to personalize the design of your packaging in only a few minutes. We have developed a very easy to use packaging solution, no experience in graphic design is necessary to understand our online software. 

However, if you have skills in image processing software such as Photoshop or Adobe Indesign, you can also let your imagination run wild on our product templates. All of our packaging solutions come with a template file with the printable areas defined for each printing technique. It is important to know that each printing technique has its unique advantages, but also its limitations.  

In the last step of the order process on Centuryprint, you will be confronted with the choice between Online or Offline personalization. Indeed, these 2 types of personalization are offered to you in order to offer the greatest possible creative freedom to our customers and thus meet the needs of each one. 

Offline customization

  • For experienced graphic designers
  • Infinite creative freedom
  • Template for each design
  • Free support and review

Online customization

  • Accessible and usable by everyone
  • Modeling and 3D visualization of the result
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Free support and revision

Video tutorials

We have also created video tutorials to make customization easier for everyone. Indeed, we show you how to use the customization tools that are available. You will notice how easy it is to use them yourself. 

You may notice how convenient and easy the offline personalization process is. It is easy to customize your offline packaging if you have a little experience with image processing tools. You can see in this video that the whole process takes less than 5 minutes, we are of course available to support you in creating your custom packaging

You will also notice that the online personalization is very easy to use. No graphic design experience is necessary to decorate your packaging with our tool, it is a simple drag&drop tool. This ease of use is a real competitive advantage, every organization can easily order custom packaging with this tool without any prior knowledge.

In order to get the best possible result, you can also ask our team of graphic designers to check your design for free.

Offline customization

Online customization