Centuryprint offers you different models of customizable bags. We offer paper bags and different models of reusable bags in different fabrics, cotton, denim or felt.


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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !


Centuryprint offers you a wide range of high quality customizable bags. We have made sure to have a wide range of products that will meet your needs with a particular focus on products with the lowest possible environmental impact. This is why we have qualitatively chosen to offer you many recyclable paper bags as well as an impressive quantity of reusable bags, both in cotton and TNT.

Different types of printing possible

We have a wide range of customizable paper bags. In addition to a wide choice of models, we also have the possibility of having different types of printing. We offer screen printing and offset printing for this type of ecologically responsible bag. These two methods have the advantage of having a very luxurious look that will allow you to stand out from the competition. Please note that personalization is possible from 50 units onwards on Centuryprint! This makes luxurious personalization accessible to small businesses as well as to merchants who wish to change their packaging frequently according to the season or fashion.

Our offer of customizable paper bags

For paper bags, we have developed four qualitative models. The first one is the Noblesse customizable paper bag, available in more than 20 sizes and many colors, a very strong bag that is used for many purposes. Its chic, elegant and modern formats are appreciated by our customers for the quality of the finishes and the rendering of the prints that highlight the brand's logo. The timelessness of this bag is also a strong point of this bag with lined top edges that ensure an unwavering strength. The side gussets are also a key element of the success of this resistant paper bag by guaranteeing it a certain volume.

Another model that is highly appreciated by our customers for its sobriety and warm colors is the Cement premium paper bag. Three interesting formats have been designed for many qualitative uses. The ribbon matching the color of the bag allows to bring out the beautiful kraft color of the top of the bag, which brings rigidity and timeless class. The ability to print your logo on both sides of this top bag will certainly not go unnoticed by your customers. In addition, this durable bag will be reused by your customers to run their errands, providing additional visibility for your brand.

Our third model is the Safari paper bag, more classic but not less elegant. This bag is very popular these days and is the solution used by many businesses to replace the traditional plastic bag. Indeed, our best seller is without hesitation the kraft paper model, a 100% recyclable and recycled material. These environmental virtues make it a functional and resistant bag at a low cost while differentiating itself from other brands. Putting your logo on it will highlight your ecological approach. Do not hesitate to consider this interesting alternative which will take an important place in the world of tomorrow.

The fourth model of paper bag is the Box model. Similar to the top of the range Safari bag, it differs from the previous model by the larger size of the bottom gusset it has. It allows you to contain larger volumes while taking advantage of the resistance and class of the Safari high-end kraft paper bag. This one size model exists in white kraft paper as well as in natural kraft.

Our reusable bag offer

Secondly, we also have different models of reusable bags.

The first and probably the most appreciated by our customers is the cotton one. This bag also called tote bag (category 1157) exists in 4 sizes. Two of these have side gussets, allowing these bags to hold more volume than the two without. These high-end customizable shopping bags have the advantage of being trendy and completely in line with the ecological movement. They are indeed 100% recyclable thanks to the sublime cotton used for these reusable bags.

Moreover, personalizing this bag with your brand name will be beneficial in the long run. By being trendy, your clientele will reuse this bag in everyday life, thus highlighting your company's logo over and over again. Our various customizable cotton bags are available in three very sober colors. The first is of course the sublime natural color of cotton. We also offer the color white as well as black, which will definitely enhance your cotton bag customization.

Our second model of reusable customizable bag is the one made of felt. Little known to the general public, this noble material is a soft and light fabric that has as main characteristics to be ultra resistant and trendy. This customizable bag has therefore become a must-have, even more so since screen printing allows for the personalization of this reusable luxury bag.

Thirdly, we have the customizable denim tote bag. This high-end bag uses the popular denim to make this personalized tote bag practical, trendy and timeless. Plus, it's 100% eco-friendly by being fully biodegradable. The customizable denim bag is undoubtedly a high-end bag that will become more and more popular in the coming years.

The fourth type of high-end reusable bag is the TNT reusable bag, also known as a non-woven bag. This type of bag is available in many colors so you can have a bag color in line with your brand colors. It is ideal for any brand that wishes to customize bags while integrating the concept of sustainable development in the packaging. Our different qualitative models have been thought to be able to contain large volume as well as to resist to a certain weight, in order to make of trendy bag a versatile bag which will be used by your customers for many occasions.

Who are we?

Centuryprint is a website active in high-end packaging for many years. This website was created by the Centurybox Group, a company founded more than 30 years ago by a Belgian entrepreneur. Our offices and stocks located in the center of Belgium allow us to respond quickly to all your requests for personalized high-end packaging. We will deliver within 15 days of your order.