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Centuryprint offers a wide selection of custom magnet boxes. You will find a variety of printed gift boxes that you can customize with your logo.

Magnetic boxes

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint offers a wide selection of customizable packaging, including many customizable magnet boxes. Our packaging company located in Villers-la-Ville has developed numerous packaging solutions that can be used for all types of purposes.

The luxury customizable magnetic gift boxes that we offer offer many advantages in their use. Equipped with a magnetic closure, these gift boxes are suitable for many purposes. You can use them to wrap your most delicate products by wrapping them with our personalized tissue paper. The models of personalized magnetic boxes that we have in our range are made of kraft paper. A customizable magnetic gift box made of kraft paper is a much more environmentally friendly packaging than if we had opted for traditional cardboard.

The diversity of imaginable uses is demonstrated in the number of trades that can find their happiness among our choice. Indeed, our personalized magnet boxes are suitable for the food industry, just as they can be used as personalized packaging for flowers. The customized magnetic closure boxes are very strong and resistant. However, they remain elegant and delicate.

Learn more about the different models of personalized magnetic boxes

Centuryprint offers you the possibility to order many models of personalized packaging in a very short time and in small quantities. You will be delivered in less than 15 days. Here are the personalized magnetic boxes available:


The flatbox magnetic box is the flagship model of Centuryprint's custom magnetic boxes. Available in many sizes and colors, this packaging will appeal to all your customers. Because of its sturdiness, your customer will be able to reuse it and keep it for a long time, keeping a logo of your company at home at all times.

Very elegant, this cardboard box is ideal for all types of products (clothing, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, food boxes, ...). Made of 100% recycled rigid cardboard of 1200 gr/m², covered with a 140 gr/m² cover paper (inside and outside and with or without lamination according to the colors), it ensures maximum protection and a top-of-the-range presentation of the product.


The flatbox is also a personalized magnetic gift box that we offer on our webshop. This packaging, thinner than the flatbox, closes with a magnetic flap. This magnetic closure box will hold many items such as scarves, documents or any other type of product. The flatbox customizable magnetic box is the most advanced magnetic box on the market. It is luxurious, sturdy and easy to handle. Made of 100% recycled 1200 g/m² rigid cardboard covered with 140 g/m² cover paper (inside and outside) with or without lamination depending on the color, it ensures maximum protection of the product. This box offers an added value to your products. Also magnetic, its velcro flaps allow for easy closing.


The personalized magnetic box with "Clearbox" window is a very practical packaging solution to highlight your products. Indeed, by opening it, you will have the opportunity to glorify your product in its packaging. The transparent window lets you see the inside, thus attracting the customers' attention. It is suitable for many products (ready-to-wear, perfumes, care products, candles, food products ...). It is currently available in 4 sizes and in two colors (black kraft dyed in the mass and white matt coated).


The Hingbox is a thin but strong customizable magnetic closure box. This personalized kraft paper box is particularly practical for packing documents or fine and delicate products. This box, which is delivered already assembled, is mainly intended for fine products. Made of high quality cardboard, it transports your photos, books, documents, textiles, scarves, t-shirts ... in complete safety.

Its low height has been studied to be easily associated with Postpack shipping boxes and to be mailed directly by the postal services of most of our countries (generally maximum height of 3 cm). This makes the Hingebox a perfect companion for Eshops as well as physical stores.


The Bottlebox is a perfect packaging for wine bottles. Indeed, this gift box with a personalized magnetic flap is an ideal solution to wrap your bottles of wine, beer or any other beverage. Very solid and secure thanks to the magnetic closure, your bottles will be safe in it. This magnetic box delivered flat has been specially designed to hold a bottle of wine, champagne, spirits, beer, ... Very chic, it is covered with a black paper tinted in the mass on the outside and a white matt coated paper on the inside, both 140 gr/m². It is made of rigid 100% recycled cardboard of 1500 gr/m².


The cubox, as its name suggests, is a personalized cubic magnetic box. Its particular shape makes it unique and original. Very voluminous, this gift box contains many objects in complete safety, while guaranteeing to transmit elegant and luxurious values. This magnetic box delivered flat in a cube shape is perfect to contain products such as ready-to-wear accessories (belts, scarves and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration, MUG box (cups) and candles. It can be assembled instantly thanks to its magnetic flap closure and remains in the assembled position thanks to a clever tilting assembly system with a permanent sticker.


The sweetbox is the last personalized magnetic box that we offer you. This printable magnetic box is designed to easily hold fine products. You will be able to put your candies, chocolates, or other delicate products safely in it. This magnetic box, delivered already assembled, is the indispensable food packaging for storing sweets, chocolates or other delicacies. Highly finished box, it includes an inner wedge in direct food contact and a transparent protective plastic to prevent food contact with the top lid. The products are maintained and the box remains clean. This box is synonymous with simplicity, lightness and elegance. You don't have to worry about assembling it. It is delivered assembled.

types of prints

Numerous printing techniques are available to customize the different models of magnetic boxes. Hot stamping as well as screen printing are available. It is also possible to personalize your magnet box using digital printing. These different techniques each bring their own advantages, find out which technique is the most appropriate for your project by reading our guide on the different printing techniques.