Paper pouches

Customized paper sleeves are an ideal solution for packaging your most delicate products. This personalized kraft paper pouch combines elegance and solidity.

Customized paper pouches

Paper pouches

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint offers a wide variety of custom packaging. The advantage of our service is that you will be able to order different types of packaging in less than 15 days. In addition, most of our products are available from 50 units upwards. This gives you the possibility to regularly order different types of personalized packaging for your company.

In order to meet a wide variety of needs, we have developed different types of personalized packaging. These pouches can be used in different situations, giving you a great deal of creative freedom.

We have developed a customizable paper pouch, a plastic pouch and a cotton pouch. Each one has advantages over the others, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Personalized paper pouch

The first pouch we offer is a gift pouch made out of Noblesse paper. This qualitative paper, dyed in the mass, allows a total immersion in your universe with our paper pouches. Chic, modern and original, the noblesse personalized kraft paper pouch adds value to your products. It is also very resistant. Thanks to its reinforced bottom and lined top edges, this packaging can transport all types of products in complete safety. In addition, this personalized paper pouch allows you to stand upright. This is possible thanks to the strength of the paper and certainly adds a touch of class to your printable stand up kraft paper pouch.

Hot foil stamping of a logo on both sides (the same logo, the same position, and the same color will be used for both sides) in different colors. Very qualitative and fine printing (excellent printing resolution for logos or drawings in one color).

Customized kraft paper sleeve

Customizable paper pouch without plastic, making it a 100% biodegradable and recyclable pouch. These recyclable bags are an excellent solution for responsible and ecological packaging. As a result, it is also possible to choose this natural kraft paper pouch, which will improve your company's ecological footprint. Considering the environmental issues at stake, the printed unbleached kraft paper bag is a responsible solution because its manufacture does not use harmful solvents. It is biodegradable and its recycling consumes few resources. The other paper pouches are available in white, black or taupe matte coated paper.

The personalized kraft paper pouch allows your company to align itself with a more ecological approach. Indeed, these personalized kraft paper pouches are very low-polluting.

Why choose a personalized paper pouch?

A customized paper pouch gives you the opportunity to easily stand out from your competition. Indeed, you will easily be able to build a visual identity for your company if you opt for a packaging in the line. A neat packaging with your personal touch, in the form of a printed paper sleeve, allows you to solidify your image with your customers.