Shipping boxes

Customized cardboard shipping boxes are the perfect solution to safely ship your products. These cardboard shipping boxes are particularly practical for companies active in e-commerce.

Customizable shipping boxes

Shipping boxes

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint offers a large number of personalized gift boxes. Indeed, we have personalized magnet boxes, printed shipping boxes, card boxes and also boxes delivered flat. The specificity of this personalized packaging offers you many advantages.

For several years now, distance selling has been experiencing strong growth. This growth is even more amplified with the measures taken around the Coronavirus. In addition, the trend of online consumer purchases will continue to develop for webshops. In order to be able to meet this new demand, Centuryprint has developed a very strong offer of customizable shipping boxes.

In order to guarantee a worry-free delivery, choose our personalized shipping boxes.

Postpack - custom printed shipping box

The printed Postpack shipping box is a very strong packaging. Indeed, you can use it to pack different models of boxes that we offer, such as the flatbox or the flatbox. This mailing box with your logo printed on it combines robustness and elegance. Your customers will be delighted to receive their order in personalized packaging. The personalization of your shipping boxes will allow you to stand out from your competition thanks to different elements.

First of all, the customer will appreciate your company's effort to adapt to the continuous growth of online sales. By aligning yourself with this new way of doing business, your company will be able to continue to grow.

Second, it is important for your customer to have a satisfying unboxing experience. By impressing your customer with your choice of packaging, the end user experience will be enhanced. Successful unboxing will help your company solidify your brand image with your potential customers.

By opting for our personalized shipping box, you ensure that your product will arrive in ideal conditions. The product that the customer will have purchased must arrive intact in order to be satisfied.

The Postpack personalized shipping box with printed logo is available in several colors, you can also personalize it with different printing techniques. On the one hand you will have the possibility to personalize it with digital printing, offering you an infinite number of possible color combinations. On the other hand serigraphic printing is also newly availbale.

It is also important to note that our shipping boxes are available in extremely short delays, less than 15 days. In addition, you will be able to order your personalized mailbox starting from 50 units.