Card holder boxes

The personalized card box is very solid and elegant. In this miniature printed giftbox, you will be able to display your business card or gift cards. These boxes are available with or without ribbon.

Card holder boxes

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint offers a wide range of personalized gift boxes. href="/index.php?id_category=863&controller=category" target="_blank">customized magnet boxes, of printed shipping boxes, some boxes for cards and also boxes delivered flat. The specificity of this personalized packaging offers you many advantages.

Box for personalized loyalty card

Over the years, more and more companies have developed loyalty cards. These loyalty cards have many advantages for the customer and for the company that delivers it. To satisfy your customer, when you deliver his loyalty card, you will have the possibility to choose one of our box models for personalized loyalty card. Put your logo on it and bewitch your customer.

Personalized box for gift card

A lot of companies allow you to offer gift cards. We can mention the gift cards for stores, that allow you to spend a certain amount in a store. But on the other hand, there are also gift cards to go to a hotel, discover a city or do an activity.

To make this moment unforgettable, wrap your most beautiful gift cards in a personalized gift box. for the cards.

These small boxes for gift cards can also be used to offer Christmas cards, Christmas cards, Christmas cards, etc... wedding or a birthday card. A birthday card affixed with the name of your store will be guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Box for business card

It can be difficult at trade shows, or other conventions to make an impression on the minds of everyone you meet. meet. In order to guarantee success, and to make your business card stand out from the crowd, opt for a small personalized box for business card. The box for card with or without ribbon, will allow you to stand out and mark the spirit of your partners.

The card box can find many uses. Its atypical format, offers you the possibility to use it as a affix different types of objects.

Customized card holder box models

At Centuryprint we have 2 types of custom cases for packaging cards. On the one hand we have the palace box, which is a small 12x7x2 CM box that can be customized with different printing techniques. This small box is perfect to safely contain your different types of cards.

On the other hand we have the concorde box, which is exactly the same box. The particularity of this one comes from its closing ribbons. Thanks to them, this box gains in elegance and will seduce all your customers.