Centuryprint offers high-quality printable silk paper. This ecological silk paper comes in different sizes and is customizable with different techniques: offset printing and flexo printing. In addition, Centuryprint now also offers two new packaging accessories, paper crimp, which serves as a colorful padding, and customizable stickers. These are essential to further immerse your customer in your world, the paper crimp offers you the possibility to send your delicate products in better conditions!


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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Printed silk paper, an asset for the packaging of your accessories

In accessories packaging, Centuryprint offers you personalized silk paper, designed to wrap your finest products. This ecologically responsible silk paper presents a real asset for your company by its elegance and finesse. This printed tissue paper secures your products in a discreet way, you can wrap your products in it. This personalized tissue paper can also be suitable as a padding to fill your boxes and secure the delicate product, ensuring hassle-free delivery to your most valuable customers. This personalized silk paper will be appreciated by your customers when unboxing their favorite products from your store. The printed tissue paper will be recognized by your customers and will be a guarantee of quality. It is important for a business to develop its visual identity, this natural tissue paper will help you increase the recognizability of your business.

Easy customization of your printed silk paper

Thanks to the online personalization module, you can immediately order your personalized tissue paper. This quick and easy process has been put in place to allow our customers to order silk paper quickly and on short notice that is customizable while ensuring quality. Customizing your tissue paper is done in five quick and easy steps. First you will be asked to choose your print color. White silk paper is the basic option; however you can choose the color of the logo affixed to it yourself. Flexo printing as well as offset printing are available in one color, this will be used for your logo, text or any subject you would like to put on your printed tissue paper.

After choosing the color of the print, you will need to define the size of the logo you want to print on the silk paper. You must be careful not to choose a logo that is too small when selecting flexo engraving, as this may result in a loss of precision. For this reason, we offer you 5 possible choices to choose the size of the logo on your personalized tissue paper. If you select the option "as small as possible" our designers will make sure your logo is readable. You have 3 choices of lengths, and also a full page graphics, printing technique offering you the possibility of printing your logo in large on your silk paper, in vectorized image, in order to also have the highest quality. printing possible. This technique makes your tissue paper printed as a real poster with your brand image.

Then you will have the possibility depending on the size of the logo printing, to choose the orientation of the repetition. You can choose between the following 3 axes: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. You will be asked to define the distance between the different repetitions in order to customize the rendering to your tastes. After completing these steps, you will be asked to confirm your design, your customized silk paper will be delivered 15 days later.

Centuryprint gives you the opportunity to order printed silk paper in small quantities. In fact, you can order per ream of 250 sheets depending on the size. Our eco-friendly silk paper is customizable in small quantities, giving you the opportunity to change design regularly. This is also made possible by the very short delivery times, in fact this personalized tissue paper is sent to you from Belgium. Century Box also gives you the option to order silk paper in bulk, so you can take advantage of economies of scale.

Ecologically responsible tissue paper, our goal

The tissue paper designed and selected by Centuryprint is an ecological tissue paper, in fact it is 100% recyclable. One of Centuryprint’s missions is to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions to protect the environment, which is why our biodegradable tissue paper is environmentally responsible. It is important for every environmentally conscious business to initiate the transition to greener solutions. For this reason, Centuryprint develops numerous environmentally responsible packaging solutions. We can cite magnetic kraft boxes such as the flatbox, or the Postpack kraft paper mailing box. The Flowerbox is also an environmentally responsible gift box, just like the Bottlebox designed to hold bottles. In addition to the ecological gift boxes, centuryprint has a range of kraft paper bags, kraft bags available with different types of paper, and also a range of reusable bags. Reusable bags such as the personalized tote bag are very interesting solutions for companies open to the necessary ecological transition. Printed silk paper is also part of Centuryprint's ecological vision.

Free delivery of printed silk paper

The delivery of personalized silk paper is taken care of as soon as the amount of the basket exceeds € 250 excluding VAT. Delivery of personalized silk paper in France, silk paper printed in Belgium, silk paper printed in Europe.

Silk paper

Printed tissue paper is a real asset for packaging your luxury accessories. Centuryprint's accessory packaging includes customized tissue paper, designed to wrap your finest products. This ecologically responsible and printed tissue paper is a real asset for your company because of its elegance and finesse. This printed tissue paper secures your products in a discreet way, you can wrap your delicate products in it to add a layer of protection during shipping or when your customer receives your product.

This custom tissue paper can also be used as a filler to fill your boxes and secure the delicate product, ensuring trouble-free delivery to your most valued customers. This personalized tissue paper will be appreciated by your customers when unboxing their favorite products from your store. The printed tissue paper will be recognized by your customers as a sign of quality, while helping to develop your brand image. It is important for a company to develop its visual identity, this natural tissue paper will help you increase the recognizability of your company.


Centuryprint offers you the possibility, among many customizable packaging solutions, to order custom stickers in small quantities, from 1000 units.

The production of custom stickers is done in a very short time, we can deliver anywhere in Europe in only 2 weeks. We manage different printing techniques for the realization of your personalized stickers, in large quantity, but for reasons of speed and ease, we decided to propose you only the hot printed stickers. This choice guarantees a fast and efficient delivery.

However, if you wish to order a larger quantity of custom stickers, it is quite possible, the use of each machine is defined according to your order of custom stickers. The custom sticker is the sticker for associations, music groups or cultural events, a wide variety of uses can be found for these printed stickers, a wide variety of stores love them for many reasons. For mass production or for your more delicate labeling needs for cosmetic products for example. Our custom stickers can be applied to food products, or bottles, we print the labels directly in rolls of 1000 units. On Centuryprint we offer you 13 different sizes of stickers to personalize in just a few clicks. You can order these different formats in small quantities, the delivery is done in only 2 weeks.

Paper crimping

Paper crimping is a very practical 2-in-1 product that allows you to secure your products while embellishing your packaging. Our paper crimping is made in Europe.

The brown paper crimping has many qualities, it is resistant, efficient and hygienic at the same time. It is made of a triple layer of 80 g/m² kraft paper. This one is folded in accordion to give it a maximum of elasticity and flexibility. This paper crimp is strong and guarantees a smooth shipment of your most luxurious products.

The paper crimping we offer in our webshop fills all gaps, regardless of the shape of the packaging. This paper crimp complements our various packaging solutions, especially the customizable gift boxes, very well. Indeed, it is very practical for filling the boxes, parcels and gift boxes that we also feature on our web to print store. Thanks to its strong absorption power, heavy or fragile objects are well protected against shocks.

The crimp is naturally antistatic and dust-free. Your products, even the most delicate, remain perfectly clean and neat. It is very economical to use because it is very light, you can use one box of paper crimp in many packages. The fibers are compressed to facilitate their storage. They instantly regain their full volume as soon as they are removed from their packaging. This product is suitable for a multitude of uses.

  • To fill +/- 50% a Wonderbox 22*33*10 cm, you will need 200 gr (4 boxes of 2.5Kg for 50 boxes)
  • To fill a 22*22*10 cm Wonderbox to +/- 50%, you will need 100 gr (4 boxes of 2.5Kg for 100 boxes or 2 boxes of 2.5Kg for a box of 50 boxes)
  • To fill to +/- 50% a Wonderbox 15*15*5 cm, you will need 50 gr (that is to say 4 boxes of 2.5Kg for 200 boxes or 2 boxes of 2.5Kg for a box of 100 boxes, 1 box of 2,5Kg for 50 boxes)
  • The colored paper crimp is a must to decorate and enhance baskets or baskets. This ready-to-use product is offered in 2.5kg boxes in more than 25 different colors. This colorful paper curl is ideal for presenting and highlighting items in the store or in the window. You no longer need to choose between protective and decorative filling, the curl fulfills both roles perfectly.

    Cushioning 3 bottles

    Other packaging accessories for our products are also presented in this tab, such as the cushioning for 3 bottles or the foam cushioning for card boxes. The 3-bottle cushioning is a 400g/m² double-sided white coated cardboard support designed to fit perfectly into the 3-bottle bottlebox. This cushioning allows to compartmentalize and maintain the bottles in place during transport.

    Foam padding

    On Centuryprint we also offer a foam padding specially designed for card boxes. Indeed, we have a stock of available for our card boxes, this allows you to order in small quantities in just a few clicks when you order your boxes. This foam is only available in one size, 7x12x1.2 cm. This size is specifically designed to hold a room card, credit card or any other type of card in the traditional format.


    Want to customize your satin ribbon? CENTURYPRINT offers you the possibility to customize your satin ribbons or your grosgrain ribbons in only a few clicks and in a very short time, in fact you will be delivered in only 15 days. The cheap personalized satin ribbon is available in three widths, 9mm, 16mm and 23mm, allowing you to decorate your party favors, decorate your table or customize your gifts. The grosgrain ribbon is also available to perform many functions. It can be used to seal a classic cardboard box, or it can be used as a colorful decorative ribbon.

    Each width and type of ribbon is also available in dozens of colors such as powder blue satin ribbon, hot pink grosgrain ribbon, fluorescent mandarin grosgrain ribbon, and classic red satin ribbon. Moreover, each ribbon can be printed thanks to screen printing, we offer you about fifteen possible printing colors. This means that you can choose from hundreds of different color combinations, materials and widths, so let your imagination run wild to create a personalized ribbon that reflects your brand. On this printed ribbon, you can, for example, write a text or a message with different fonts. Italic fonts are most often used for weddings, while more rounded fonts are more appropriate for baptism ribbons. Send us your printing project and we will print it for you. You can of course choose to print text on your personalized ribbon, but you can also choose to print icons or logos, the possibilities are endless with screen printing.

    You can also tell stories with your custom ribbons or simply communicate on an event.