What are the shipping costs?

At the very bottom of our site, you will find a tab " delivery ". Delivery costs depend on the amount of your purchases and your location.

It is also possible to pick up the package free of charge at our warehouse in Villers-la-Ville, Belgium. Indeed, most of our products are directly personalized in our printing workshops located in Walloon Brabant.

What are the delivery times?

Most of our products are delivered in less than 15 days. Indeed, our customizable gift boxes are ready and delivered within 15 days. This offers you a great creative freedom, giving you the possibility to adapt your packaging very quickly according to your needs. This is made possible thanks to the central location of our stock in Europe.

How are the goods delivered

Most of our boxes are delivered flat and can be easily and quickly assembled.

These customizable gift boxes are delivered flat in order to save space during delivery. They are very easy to assemble, it will only take you a few seconds. Flat boxes are for example the Flatbox, Flowerbox (the lid is delivered already mounted separately), or the Postpack.

However, we also offer already assembled boxes, such as the Hingbox.

If you would like to have more explanations about the assembly of the boxes, please go to the product sheet and watch the video. If you have any difficulties with the assembly, we can be reached at any time on +32(0)71 87 49 13 or [email protected].

How to change a delivery address?

Notify us by sending us an e-mail within 48 hours after your order to the e-mail address [email protected] or call us on +32(0)71 87 49 13. We will notify you of the change of address and you will receive your package at the right place.

How to track my package?

In order to allow you to track your order, you will receive a tracking number that gives you the possibility to observe the progress of your package. The supplier will be specified. Thanks to the tracking number, you will be able to follow your package in real time and plan the arrival.

Can I cancel my order?

It is not possible to cancel your order directly on our site. On the other hand, from the reception of your order, you have 5 days to send us a registered letter with your comments to the following address: Rue de Thyle 29, 1495, Villers la Ville Belgium. If you decide to return your order, the return costs are at your expense.

Can I modify my order?

In order to modify your order, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible at the following e-mail address: [email protected] or at the following telephone number: +32 71 87 49 13.

I received the wrong package, what can I do?

If the package does not correspond to your order, please contact us via [email protected]. We will pay the return shipping costs and send you back the correct package. It is very important to provide some pictures showing the bad packaging in order to speed up the procedure.

I received a defective package ?

Several cases are possible:

    • Damaged crate: if the transport crate is damaged, you have to contact the carrier.
    • Damaged contents: if the contents of the crate are damaged, please contact us via [email protected]. We will ask you to take some pictures of your damaged package to speed up the procedure.

What are the conditions for returning an order?

Contact us by email at the following address: [email protected] or at the following phone number: +32(0) 71 87 49 13.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, go to the page of the product you are interested in. Choose the desired dimensions, colors and quantities and click on "add to cart". The personalization of your product is done in a very easy to use module. All you need is basic graphic knowledge to use it. It is also possible for people with more advanced graphic skills to use the offline personalization module.

If you have any difficulties to place your order do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat. (Psss, it's the little message box at the bottom right of your screen 😉 )

What is the minimum order quantity?

Centuryprint offers you the opportunity to order your custom packaging in very small quantities. For most of the products we offer, you will be able to order from one carton. Depending on the product, this box will be filled with 10, 25 or 50 units.

Can I order a single box or other personalized packaging by the unit?

No, the minimum order is 1 box. Almost our entire line of customizable gift wrap is available in very small quantities. This gives you the opportunity to order personalized packaging in small quantities.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment by VISA, MASTERCARD and bank transfer. Orders by bank transfer will be accepted upon receipt of payment, which usually takes 2-3 days.

Why do I need to indicate my VAT number?

Depending on the country where you have your order delivered, taxes are payable.

Intracommunity regime

With a valid intra-community VAT number on the VIES Europe website, I can order on Centuryprint without having to advance the VAT. Except if the delivery is in Belgium.

Example :

    • I am a company in France, and I have delivery in Belgium = application of Belgian VAT (21%).
    • I am a French company and I have my order delivered in Paris = 0% (VAT not to be paid in advance).

National System 

With a Belgian VAT number, I order on a Belgian site and I get delivered in Belgium. I pay the 21% VAT to Centurybox. Then I will arrange to get the VAT refund afterwards.

Extra Community Regime 

USA, India, Switzerland, etc. I don't need to indicate my VAT number. The VAT will not be advanced (except if delivery in Belgium = VAT 21%).

How do I receive my invoice?

The invoice is attached when you send your order, in addition to that, you will receive an invoice by email when you validate your order.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat (bottom right of your screen), one of our staff will answer you as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to discover our various blog articles, they can give you useful advice to choose your custom packaging.

What is a matte or glossy lamination ?

To protect the paper, we use the technique of lamination (also called lamination) to laminate a plastic film on the paper protecting it from moisture or dust. The matt lamination as its name suggests is matt with a satin touch. Glossy lamination, also sometimes called glossy paper, gives a varnished effect to the packaging. This glossy paper glorifies your box and enhances it even more.

Which are the most environmentally friendly products ?

The most environmentally friendly products are products made of uncoated and if possible single-component kraft paper. For example, a cotton bag is made of cotton only. A kraft paper bag Box or Safari is composed only of paper.

On the other hand, a magnetic Flatbox, even if it is composed of cardboard and paper, still has magnets and glue or velcro for permanent closure. This does not prevent the fact that it can be safely put in cardboard waste, but it is worth noting that it will not be biodegradable in the short term. We have developed the boxes Smartflat which do not have a magnet precisely for this more ecological use. In addition, the customizable gift boxes with lid are very easily biodegradable. There is the Campana, or the Flowerbox, which are ecologically responsible customizable gift boxes. The Postpack shipping box is also available in kraft cardboard paper, making it very environmentally friendly as a customizable shipping box.

What are the food specific products ?

For the pack to be food safe it is necessary that the paper is treated for direct contact with food. Here is a list of our food products :

Can I order products without printing on Centuryprint?

No, in order to order generic packaging, we invite you to visit Centuryshop.eu. The products sold on Centuryshop are "generic", i.e. neutral. The minimum quantity is 50 units and the delay is 2 days.

What if the product I am interested in is out of stock ?

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will answer you about the availability of the products. We can also advise you to help you find similar products.

What are the dimensions on the site?

They correspond to the inside dimensions.

What dimensions/weights do my boxes have?

If you need information about the boxes that will be delivered to you, please contact us at [email protected]

How is the tissue paper packaged?

The tissue paper is delivered in reams of 480 sheets for the format 75 * 50 cm or 240 sheets for the format 75 * 100 cm. A ream is usually +/- 4 Kg.


Discover our blog article containing many tips about different printing techniques.


Digital printing on gift box, paper bag and reusable

What are the advantages of digital printing on a personalized packaging in dubbing?

Digital printing, also called digital printing. To be able to make small print runs quickly (no need to make printing tools such as screen printing plates or magnesium plates, offset, flexo, etc). Digital printing allows us to print in 4 colors (full color = CMYK) on our entire collection of packaging on cardboard and paper. It is a technique that has a lower definition than Offset for logos, but which allows to print in very good quality photos, illustrations and multicolored drawings. Centurybox Group has developed a know-how for 4 years in unique digital printing thanks to a machine 100% customized to our needs. The printing is done by inkjet with UV lamp curing. Printing cannot be done in direct Pantone tone. The colors are obtained by mixing 4 primary colors + 2 light colors. The only color that can be printed in direct tone from our machine is white.

On which type of customizable packaging can digital printing be used?

Digital printing is available on a wide variety of gift boxes, magnet boxes, paper bags and also on reusable bags.

Flexographic printing on gift box, paper bag and also reusable bags in reprinting?

What are the advantages of flexographic printing on custom packaging?

Flexographic printing is an old printing technique that consists of attaching a flexible pad to a printing cylinder. The printing is then done by pressing the ink pad on the support (paper). This low cost technique allows you to make 1 to 2 color prints (no photography or color overlays) only on supports which are also generally low cost like our Safari and/or Box paper bag collection. Thus making it possible to print its supports while keeping an interesting price. The printing can be done in Pantone color in direct tone. The precision is less fine than screen printing, hot printing or offset.

On which type of packaging can flexo printing be used?

Flexo printing is available on a wide variety of gift boxes, magnet boxes, paper bags and also on reusable bags.

Screen printing on gift boxes, paper bags and reusable bags in repositioning

What are the advantages of screen printing on customizable packaging?

Screen printing is based on the stencil concept. We make a cliché, called a screen printing frame, which allows a color of ink to pass through a screen to print a logo and / or a stylized design. We are equipped to make prints of 1 to 2 colors maximum. Screen printing is a very covering technique. This allows us to print matte colors (not glossy like hot printing) from the Pantone range for example. Silk screen printing can be done on cotton, paper or cardboard. The precision is excellent.

On what kind of packaging can screen printing be used?

Screen printing is available on a wide variety of gift boxes, magnet boxes, paper bags and also on reusable bags.

Offset printing on paper bags.

What are the advantages of Offset printing on customizable packaging?

Offset printing unlike the other techniques mentioned above is the only printing that cannot be done on stock boxes/bags. Offset printing (from 1 to 6 colors) must be done on sheets of paper or cardboard which are then glued on thicker cardboard such as our magnetic boxes, or directly used for the assembly of a paper bag. It is not possible to make very small series in Offset because the launching of these large machines is long and complicated. On the other hand, for larger runs (from 500 units upwards) it is starting to become economically very interesting. The quality of the offset printing is excellent both in direct tone (Pantone) and in four-color process.

I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, please contact us at [email protected]

Can I order if I am not a company?

Yes, but without VAT number you will have to pay the taxes.