Flexible cardboard boxes

Centuryprint offers you different models of gift boxes made of flexible cardboard. These boxes are delivered flat, and can be assembled very quickly thanks to a very easy folding system. The flexible cardboard offers the possibility to opt for unique packaging. Moreover, these flexible cardboard boxes are delivered flat, which saves a lot of space during storage.

Flexible cardboard gift boxes - Campana and Berlingot

Flexible cardboard boxes

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint is a website specializing in high-end packaging. We have worked over the years to expand our wide range of high-end packaging to corporate destinations. We are indeed a major player in the high-end packaging industry in Europe, working with more than 60 countries from the largest European storage of luxury packaging that we own in the center of Belgium, Villers-la-Ville to be more precise.

Our cardboard boxes

Centuryprint has an impressive offering of cardboard boxes. In fact, we have created an array of boxes, including magnetic boxes that we are known for today. The best known of our cardboard boxes is the luxurious Wonderbox, an ideally sized box that has become Centuryprint's iconic box, selling by the thousands every month. We also have boxes that are made of a softer material for different types of use, these are the soft cardboard boxes.

The soft cardboard box designs

We have developed two soft cardboard boxes that are heavily used as customizable gift boxes. The possibility of creating unique packaging in a 100% environmentally friendly material is indeed highly sought after by our customers, both in the fashion, food and cosmetics sectors. These models therefore answer many researches, thanks to both the aesthetic and sustainable side.

The first model is the one named Campana. This high-end customizable bell box is ideal for many uses. Thinking of the textile world in particular, it is obvious that this qualitative box is perfect for any retailer who wants to impress their customers with a quality personalized box to wrap a beautiful t-shirt or blouse. Available in a variety of sizes, it is practical for any occasion. Our largest model can even hold a winter jacket thanks to its large volume. Silk-screen printing is heavily used for this type of bell box, although the rendering of hot printing is also qualitative.

The second model developed is named the Berlingot box. This luxury box delivered flat and easily assembled in about ten seconds is unique for its rounded shape. Widely used during the festive season, this charming box also exists in many sizes, making all your desires possible. Two of our models are also equipped with a handle on the top edge, allowing it to be carried safely and elegantly. The Berlingot model is an eye-catching box with a fuchsia color for the most colorful box. Take advantage of this visibility to highlight your logo that has been printed on it beforehand. Easily stand out from the competition by considering Centuryprint!