I- General

For each order, the buyer expressly accepts the following terms and conditions of sale.

II- Payment

Unless otherwise stated, our invoices are payable before the shipment of the goods. Any delay in payment will result for the buyer, without it being necessary to proceed with a formal communication and without reducing the costs of justice and execution, the following penalties: - the monthly interest payment based on 1.5% of the amount due - a fixed compensation equal to 15% of the remaining amount due with a minimum received of € 65

III- Risks associated with transport

Any shipment, even free, is made at the buyer's risk..

IV- Complaints

Any complaint must be received by registered mail within eight days of the written notification of receipt of the goods.

V- Delivery terms

Delivery times are only indicative. No order can be refused due to late delivery. Late deliveries cannot cause damage. In all cases of force majeure and, in general, for all facts beyond our control that prevent the execution of our commitments, we are exempted from any commitment without any continuation. No merchandise can be returned without our written permission.

VI- Order cancellation

In case of cancellation of the order, the buyer must notify us of the withdrawal by registered letter within five days from the date of the order. In this case the costs will be charged and contracted by the buyer. Any offer, not accepted by return of post, must be understood without obligation. The delivery of a document signed by the customer declines any responsibility for errors and omissions occurring after printing.

VII- Transfer of ownership of assets

Centurybox retains ownership of the goods that are delivered to the customer until the goods have been fully paid by the customer.

VIII- Jurisdiction

In the event of disputes, the courts of Brussels are the only competent courts.

IX- Intellectual property

Projects, graphic designs, logos, layouts, images and packaging models developed, proposed or adapted by Centurybox are the property of Centurybox and cannot be used without its explicit written permission.