Our secure payment system

Our website is fully SSL protected (see the small padlock on the top left of the browser)

certificat SSL

Owning an SSL certification means having a site that starts with HTTPS and not HTTP. A small detail but very important, especially for online stores, given that on every HTTPS page security is 100% guaranteed.

We opted for a Let's Encrypt security certificate, sponsored by the main entities of the Web, which aims to offer SSL certificates with a simplified installation.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates allow you to provide secure connections on your website, encrypt the exchanged content, guarantee the identity of the server and prevent the content from being altered.

The implementation of a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate can reassure the visitor, enjoying Google's natural referencing site, which prefers https websites.

Centuryprint.eu has chosen PayPlug as a partner for the online payment system.


Seeing that existing payment gateways had not evolved since the 2000s, the founders decided to build simple and secure tools enabling merchants to sell more and protect themselves against fraud.

Founded in 2012, the company has raised more than 3 M€ and received a grant of 1.75 M€ from the European Commission for PayPlug Labs, its R&D program.

Centuryprint is a 100% secure online system where you can make all your packaging purchases.