Rigid cardboard boxes

The rigid cardboard boxes that Centuryprint offers combine strength and elegance. The Flowerbox and Smartflat are 2 models of original gift boxes, you will please your customers by packaging your products in these high-end packaging. Moreover, these rigid cardboard models are delivered flat. 

Rigid cardboard gift boxes - Flowerbox and Smartflat

Rigid cardboard boxes

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

The company behind these offers

We are the Belgian company Centurybox Group, a company located in Villers-la-Ville for more than 30 years. Several years ago, we launched the Centuryprint website to offer any retailer the opportunity to take advantage of personalized luxury packaging, starting at 50 units. One of our strengths is our speed. You will be delivered within 15 days after your delivery. This is made possible by the largest packaging warehouse in Europe that we have next to our customization workshop, allowing us to customize all your orders directly, without waiting.

Our rigid cardboard boxes

We have developed a number of high-end rigid cardboard boxes to provide you with luxurious, durable boxes that are ideal for personalized gift boxes.

The Flowerbox is a high-end rigid box that, as its name suggests, is perfect for holding flowers. However, this luxury box with a lid has many other uses. Its voluminous cubic format gives it different uses. We can mention for example its use for ready to wear stores, for specialized food stores such as chocolate stores or even for candle stores. You will be delighted by its purity and its successful personalization which will allow you to put forward your store.

Secondly, we have the Smartflat , a splendid drawer box often used as a personalized gift box. The drawer effect is composed of two pieces. Its large volume will be very useful because with this luxury box, you will be able to contain your larger items such as bedding, shoes or local products. This quality box is quick and easy to assemble and will save you a lot of space in your storage area by being delivered flat. We designed this customizable box to showcase your logo on a 100% environmentally responsible package. It can be easily dismantled without any glue, making this box biodegradable. For this beautiful box, we offer 3 printing techniques. The first one is hot stamping, very classy and trendy these last years, the second one is screen printing, possible printing in 1 or 2 colors and finally the digital printing which allows to cover a larger area and to have a multitude of colors.