Centuryprint offers you the printing of your gift wrap at a low price and for an unequalled quality. This is the perfect way to give a gift to your visitors or employees. As a marketing tool and as a practical gift wrapping, this tool is very interesting because it can be personalized with your brand. The qualitative printing makes it possible to achieve a convincing result.


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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Personalized gift wrap

    It is logical, when you offer gifts in an assortment of products, you sometimes also want to personalize the gift wrap that goes with it. Indeed, offering this little extra touch can make the difference with your customers. It is of course possible to personalize the gift wrap yourself without the help of our online store, however this means spending time on tinkering, cutting, gluing etc., things that take a lot of time. But rest assured, there is another solution to personalize your gift wrap: CENTURYPRINT, the web-to-print webshop for luxury packaging offered by Centurybox! It is now possible to create your own personalized gift wrap in just a few clicks. By limiting the efforts to a simple upload of an image or a photo that will be printed with or without repetition all over the paper. This print quality clearly tells the person at Christmas, birthday or any other occasion who the gift is from or for. This increased recognizability will help build your brand image, personalized gift wrap strongly helps build brand image.


    Personalized gift wrap is the ideal medium for business and sales professionals. For every occasion, gift wrap offers you the possibility to wrap your customers' gifts in paper that is personalized with your brand. Depending on the occasion, you can use a different paper, in fact we offer personalized paper by ream of 500 units, the minimum order quantity is 500 sheets. This minimum order quantity allows you to order very regularly and inexpensively. You can easily adapt your personalized gift paper in just a few clicks, the delivery time is also very short. You will be delivered in only 15 days with your printed gift wrap, an unbeatable delay for this quality. For example, for the holiday season or for sales, the gift wrap can be adapted very easily to the period. Thus, by using personalized gift wrap as a real marketing asset, you can highlight your brand image. Indeed, when the final recipient will receive your product, it will be wrapped in the gift paper with your image. This will reinforce the image of your brand to your customer and/or the final recipient.


    To meet your expectations, we offer high quality personalized gift wrap in different sizes. Indeed, you can choose between a ream of personalized gift paper of 250 sheets in 47x67cm format and a ream of personalized gift paper of 97*67cm. Each of these gift papers can fulfill many functions, they have the same grammage each equally ⇒ 90g/m². Our prints are made in high quality and low cost to be as close as possible to your request. Our graphic team will support you in your manufacturing process, thanks to their know-how, you will get the desired result.

    Centuryprint offers you the possibility to customize your paper in front and/or back according to your needs, the rate for an additional printing is advantageous, which allows you to customize both sides with a distinct design.

    Develop a personalized paper that your customers will look forward to seeing.

    If you or your company is still looking for a customizable gift wrap for the holidays or a unique and original custom packaging to use all year round, our custom gift wrap paper will meet all your needs. Resistant, practical and with a beautiful print quality, this personalized gift wrap is the most efficient and interesting direct packaging solution.

    Available in a kraft version, this personalized gift wrapping paper gives your product a professional and festive look.

    In our various webshops we offer generic labels or personalized stickers. These customizable stickers can be used as a folding closure for your printed gift wrap. For an even more environmentally friendly closure, you can opt for a simple folding without these stickers.

    Ready to get started on your custom gift wrap design? Explore our range of fully customizable gift wrap options. If you want to use the right paper format, you can add your own personal touch, such as a logo, visible or descriptive text, or a specific reason for your work. We also want to make sure that our products are designed and manufactured to meet our customer's needs.

    Once you've found the custom gift wrap format you want, add your own personal touch, such as a logo, explanatory or descriptive text, or a repeating pattern in your world. We then take care of the printing and shipping of your order to your delivery address. All you have to do is use your ready-to-use wrapping paper and wrap your customers.


    Are there different sizes for custom gift wrap paper?

    Yes, Centuryprint offers several sizes of printed gift wrap:

    The first size offered is 47x67cm. The second size is 67x97cm.

    What is the minimum order quantity applied to the personalized wrapping paper?

    Personalized gift wrap paper can be ordered from 1 ream of 500 sheets, as for printed tissue paper .

    What is the composition of the personalized gift wrap offered by

    Our wrapping paper is a paper with a grammage of 90 g/m², an ideal support to emphasize your personalization. This grammage a little higher than normal, offers you the possibility of containing your objects in full safety.

    Does the ink on the personalized gift wrap paper fade easily?

    No, the ink is permanent once it dries.

    Is the wrapping paper waterproof and resistant to water?

    No, unfortunately water can soak into the paper, making it ineffective and useless.

    Do you have any design tips for customizable gift wrap?

    Yes, try to send us clear and precise graphic files to limit the margin of error. The clearer and more understandable the design you submit to personalize our boxes, the less likely you are to be confused with a printing error. We also offer to have your files checked by our graphics team free of charge.

    What is the delivery time when ordering personalized gift wrap?

    We offer you to order your customizable gift wrap in just a few clicks. The delivery time for this printed gift wrap is only 15 days from the receipt of the proof of payment. This express delivery time for printed gift wrap offers you the possibility to order very quickly and regularly. Ordering printed and personalized gift wrap has never been so interesting.

    Add the perfect finishing touch to your luxury product with this personalized gift wrap!

    Gift wrap is the ideal way to go even further in the personalization of your surprise, while remaining in the universe of your brand. Surprise your customers with an original personalized gift wrapping paper, used to contain and offer your products in the best possible conditions. You can also imagine creating an original gift wrapping paper for a wedding for example, by inscribing the names and having submitted a logo made by you. A great way to surprise your sister, your friend, your partner, your grandparents; the possibilities are endless. They won't soon forget this exceptional quality printed gift wrap. It's also great for holiday parties; no more labeling!

    Plus, it's super easy to personalize your printed gift wrap. On the one hand you can personalize it online. Simply add the design of your choice, don't forget to choose an appropriate pattern to immerse your customers even more in your world! We will then print your creation on our beautiful personalized gift paper. The rest is up to you; wrap the gift, add a bow and your personalized gift wrap will be the final touch!