Customized Personalized Magnetic Box Wonderbox 40x14x3 CM | WONDERBOX (EVO) | HOT FOIL STAMPING
    • Customized Personalized Magnetic Box Wonderbox 40x14x3 CM | WONDERBOX (EVO) | HOT FOIL STAMPING
    • Customized Personalized Magnetic Box Wonderbox 40x14x3 CM | WONDERBOX (EVO) | HOT FOIL STAMPING

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    The Evobox is the most accomplished magnetic box on the market. It is meant to be luxurious, solid and handy. Made of 100% recycled rigid cardboard of 1200 g/m² covered with a cover paper (inside and outside) of 140 g/m² with or without lamination depending on the colors, it ensures maximum protection of the product. This box offers an added value to your products. Also magnetic, its velcro flaps allow an easy closing. It can be assembled and disassembled many times (unlike the Wonderbox box which is permanently assembled). Its A5, A4 and A3 formats are very useful for your documents as well as for flat objects (t-shirt, sweater, accessories, jewelry, etc.). It is delivered flat.

    The size of the boxes shown in centimeters is the inside size, there may be a tolerance of +/-0.5 cm.

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    Magnetic box1200gsm recycled grey cardboard covered by coated covering paper of 140gsm + mat lamination or black kraft paper.Assembling using two flaps fixed by velcroMagnetic closure flapDelivered flat and in one piece.Can be assembled and disassembled as wished.


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    Hot foil stamping