Personalized shopping bag Noblesse

The kraft bag made out of Noblesse paper is conceived with very high-end kraft paper. This special kraft paper bag is appreciated for its classiness.

Personalized shopping bag Noblesse

Personalized shopping bag Noblesse

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint develops many different types of packaging, personalized gift boxes, printed sleeves in different materials, customizable paper bags, printable reusable bags and finally personalized tissue paper. Each of these types of packaging is available in many different sizes and colors, and different printing techniques are possible.

We offer you immense creative freedom by offering you a wide range of products that you can customize. Opt for the most optimal combination for your brand, and seduce all your customers with your personalized packaging!

The printable paper bags are divided into 2 product categories, on the one hand we have the luxury paper bags and on the other hand we have the personalized paper bags with twisted handles. The luxury paper bag is exclusively printable using offset printing. The models with twisted handles are machine made, and can be customized through offset printing and flexo printing.

Customized paper bag folded by hand

The range of luxury paper bags finds its particularity in the fact that the bags are assembled by hand. Indeed, unlike custom paper bags with twisted handles, this bag is folded by hand. This makes the process a little more expensive, but the result is worth the detour.

This custom laminated paper bag combines elegance and solidity. Its very resistant but also attractive handles will please your customers. You will be able to stand out with this cute paper bag.

Our packaging company produces different types of paper bags that can meet many needs. You will be able to find many uses for this packaging. As a company that manufactures customized kraft paper bags, we strive to develop the best packaging solutions for our partners. We listen to you, and consequently develop customized paper bags in different formats. Indeed, thanks to this diversity, you will be able to find the ideal packaging for your company.

Customized luxury paper bag

In our range of hand-folded paper bags, we have the Noblesse bag. This customised paper bag is very elegant. The laminated paper makes it a little shiny, this bag will delight all your customers. Available in different sizes, you will be able to use it as a personalized paper bottle bag in complete safety thanks to its solidity. Thanks to the 12 different sizes we offer, you will be able to choose the personalized paper bag that best suits your needs!