Personalized shopping bag Safari

The Safari paper bag is very useful. This kraft bag is conceived to be refined and to answer to all of your paper bag needs.

Personalized shopping bag Safari

Personalized shopping bag Safari

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint develops many different types of packaging, personalized gift boxes, printed sleeves in different materials, customizable paper bags, printable reusable bags and finally personalized tissue paper. Each of these types of packaging is available in many different sizes and colors, and different printing techniques are possible.

We offer you immense creative freedom by offering you a wide range of packaging solutions that you can customize.

The printable paper bags are divided into 2 product categories, on the one hand we have the luxury paper bags and on the other hand we have the personalized paper bags with twisted handles. The luxury paper bag is exclusively printable through offset printing. The models with twisted handles are machine made, and can be customized through offset printing and flexo printing.

Machine made personalized paper bag

Customized paper bags with twisted handles are very interesting for several reasons. First of all it is possible to personalize this packaging with different printing techniques. On the one hand, you can opt for flexo printing in one or two colors.

On the other hand, you can personalize your white paper bag with twisted handles thanks to offset printing. Each of these techniques has its advantages, contact us to help you choose the best option! It is important to note that these paper bags have their twisted handles glued inside. In addition, this bag does not have cardboard reinforcements but has side and bottom gussets.

Customized recyclable paper bag.

The particularity of this type of packaging is that it is single-component. This means that the entire paper bag is made of the same material. This material is the recycled paper in this case.

This 100% customized paper bag therefore has several advantages. The main advantage is that this bag is fully biodegradable and recyclable. This customized paper bag is therefore an environmentally responsible packaging solution for your company.

Models of personalized recyclable paper bags

Centuryprint offers different models of customizable paper bags with twisted handles. On the one hand we have the Safari personalized recyclable paper bag. This bag combines elegance and robustness. The Safari bag is a timeless model that will fulfill its number 1 task: to offer you a resistant and functional bag with the graphics of your company, brand or event. It is possible to print the bag in 1 or 2 colors by flexoprinting. This printing technique is perfect for logos and stylized designs.

On the other hand, we have the box paper bags. This bag has a wider base. The Box bag is a timeless model that will fulfill its number 1 task: to offer you a resistant and functional bag with the graphics of your store, brands or events. It is possible to print the bag in 1 or 2 colors by flexoprinting. This printing technique is perfect for logos and stylized designs.

Diversity of paper bags

At Centuryprint our kraft paper bags in the Safari or box range meet the most demanding needs of artisans, restaurateurs or other brands looking for customizable kraft paper bags. Les sacs papier kraft imprimables sont utilisés majoritairement pour contenir des produits fins, légers et délicats. Brands find with these packaging the perfect compromise between ecology, aesthetics, resistance and price.

Available in different types of paper, the customizable kraft paper bags shown above are available in paper:

  • Natural havana brown kraft,
  • white,
  • or colored kraft paper

In addition, you will notice that we offer several different safari bag designs, there is the classic safari paper bag design, as well as we offer safari bags with wider bottoms.

How do you properly choose the custom kraft paper bag you need?

Centuryprint offers more than 100 combinations of sizes, background colors, printing colors, or even paper type. The number of customizable kraft paper bag selection options is immense, the choice can be complicated.

In order to decide which paper bag is right for your needs, it is necessary to ask yourself a few questions.

The first question to ask yourself is to define what use the kraft paper tote bag will ultimately be used for.

Then you need to ask yourself what products will need to be in this bag when the customer takes it away? This type of customizable kraft paper bags can hold a wide variety of products. For example, it can be used to hold a complete menu consisting of a sandwich with a drink, not forgetting the cutlery, or simply a small dessert such as a cookie or a doughnut. It is also possible to use this bag to carry clothes, documents or even ready-to-wear accessories. These customizable kraft bags are environmentally responsible and work great as a kraft paper bag.


Centuryprint offers a wide variety of background material colors for your custom safari paper bag. The choice of the color is mainly an aesthetic criterion , it is important that it is in connection with the universe of your store or brand.. White paper bags undergo a kraft paper bleaching step which by definition increases the production costs of a kraft paper bag.


The unique benefits of the safari customizable kraft bag

The type of handles is an important criterion and especially the gluing of them. In fact, the safari bag has twisted glued handles attached with a reinforcing strip. The reinforcing strip is glued to the inside of the bag for obvious aesthetic reasons.

Kraft paper bag, customizable kraft tote bag

All of our paper bags are designed to hold a wide variety of products, intended for food trade professionals among others, but also for non-food stores and stores and take-out. The customizable kraft paper bags presented are all ecological and 100% biodegradable. These versatile paper bags are also very strong and resistant, to measure the strength of the bag should take into account its thickness expressed in g / m². The thicker a kraft bag is, the more resistant the material will be to weight. The safari paper bags you notice on this page have a grammage between 90 and 110 g/m², except for the safari paper bag with a wide bottom MAXI 34x34x25, which is available in tan kraft (140g/m²) and white kraft (160g/m²)

Customized kraft paper bag delivered in 15 days.

Centuryprint strives to offer you packaging including kraft paper bags always at the best value for money, while guaranteeing fast delivery, less than 15 days, anywhere in Europe. As on most of our products you can benefit from advantageous and degressive prices according to the quantities ordered, indeed from 5 cartons you receive 5% discount and from 10 cartons you receive 10% discount.


Order a kraft paper bag

The kraft paper bagpersonalized, it is THE reference in terms of store bags. The paper bag is obviously more environmentally friendly than the plastic bag, more economical than the luxury bag, the kraft bag remains the most requested bag by retailers who appreciate its natural look while being luxurious and timeless. In addition, environmentally responsible kraft paper bags have a side gusset that facilitates the filling of the bag to save time at checkout.