Personalized reusable cotton bag

The reusable cotton bag presented by Century Box is an original tote bag. This printable reusable bag will fulfill all your needs.

Reusable printable coton bag - T bag - Centuryprint

Personalized reusable cotton bag

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint develops many different types of packaging, personalized gift boxes, printed sleeves in different materials, customizable paper bags, printable reusable bags and finally personalized tissue paper. Each of these types of packaging is available in many different sizes and colors, and different printing techniques are possible.

We offer you immense creative freedom by offering you a wide range of products that you can customize. Opt for the most optimal combination for your brand, and seduce all your customers with your personalized packaging!

The reusable bags are available in various sizes and materials. We offer 3 different models:

Each of these models has its advantages, but you will be able to seduce your customers with each one.

The printable paper bags are divided into 2 product categories, on the one hand we have the luxury paper bags and on the other hand we have the personalized paper bags with twisted handles. The luxury paper bag is exclusively printable using offset printing. The models with twisted handles are machine made, and can be customized through offset printing and flexo printing.

Customized cotton bag

Centuryprint's first personalized reusable bag model is a tote bag. This customizable cotton shopping bag is very resistant but also trendy. Indeed, this customizable packaging can be personalized thanks to silkscreen printing. Our personalized tote bag made in Belgium guarantees you an ecologically responsible packaging.

We propose 2 models of cotton tote bags. On the one hand the traditional cotton tote bag, without bottom gusset. But on the other hand, we also propose you a personalized cotton bag with a bottom gusset. This gusset improves the stability of the products contained in the packaging, it also adds a little extra touch of elegance.

Personalizing a cotton bag is made very easy thanks to our online personalization tool. You will be able to modify your project until it suits you perfectly.

Personalized denim bag

The second type of custom fabric bag we offer is a bag made of jeans. This tote bag in jeans is unique by its not very traditional material. Indeed, jeans are more commonly used for clothing, but thanks to Centuryprint, you will be able to offer this iconic fabric to your customers in the form of a bag. They will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your personalized packaging.

Customizable felt bag

Finally, we also offer a final reusable fabric bag. This one is a very trendy felt bag. This very original material will please your customers, they will be happy to display your personalized felt bag.

Available in 2 different versions, we offer you the possibility to choose this model with or without bottom gusset. Moreover, it is important to note that this bag is very pleasant to the touch. You will be able to personalize this tote bag thanks to the silkscreen printing in one or two colors.