Customized drawer box Caravel

Centuryprint is proud to introduce its new product: the "Caravel" drawer box. Specially designed to elegantly house a business card, gift card, or loyalty card, this customizable box is the ideal packaging to make a lasting impression.

Each box is equipped with precisely adjusted fittings to secure and enhance the contents. Your clients will be delighted to receive their cards in such a refined and functional packaging.

Available printing techniques:

  • Hot Stamping: Ideal for those looking to add a touch of luxury and prestige, hot stamping allows for the application of raised patterns or text with a glossy and refined finish.
  • Screen Printing: Perfect for more complex or colorful designs, screen printing ensures a faithful and durable reproduction of your most sophisticated graphics.

Choose "Caravel", the ultimate personalized packaging for cards, and ensure your brand stands out with an unforgettable and professional style.

Customized drawer box Caravel

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