Customized food packaging

Centuryprint offers a wide range of food packagings. Indeed, we offer food boxes, reusable paper bags, and silk paper.

Customized food packaging

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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Centuryprint offers a wide choice of food packaging in its range. Indeed, many different and varied types of packaging have been designed to meet the needs of all our customers. This range of customizable food packaging will allow you to contain your finest products in the most optimal conditions. From food boxes to food paper bags, Century Box has various solutions coming in all sizes, dimensions, and shapes.

    Food boxes

    In the range of printable food boxes, Centuryprint offers 2 very different models. On the one hand, we have the Sweet box, a customizable magnetic kraft box designed to hold your finest dishes. This food packaging is perfectly suited as a praline box, chocolate box, it is a real high-end magnetic food box. The level of finish of this magnetic box is very high, making it unique and original. On the other hand, Centuryprint offers you a kraft box for take away, designed to contain all types of food. Many foods are suitable for the dimensions of this box, this kraft food box is available in many dimensions.

    Food bag

    In our range of products intended for use in a food environment, we offer a printable recycled kraft paper bag “Safari" . This delicate recycled paper bag is very resistant and can easily contain different types of food containers. This customizable food kraft bag is 100% recyclable and therefore an environmentally responsible packaging solution. This reusable food bag is a real asset in your packaging, the different printing techniques can make it completely unique and in your colors.

    Silk paper for food

    Personalized silk paper is also an ideal solution for your business in terms of food packaging solution. Indeed this delicate and refined paper meets all your needs, it is also customizable thanks to printing in one color. This customizable silk paper is available in different sizes, which can be used for multiple purposes.