Packaging for E-commerce

Centuryprint offers a wide range of packaging solutions to online shops. Send your packages in perfect condition by using one of our cardboard sending boxes or by using our resistant envelope.

Packaging for E-commerce

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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Our packaging company located near Brussels offers all types of packaging intended to facilitate shipping for online stores. In fact, in recent years, online stores have positioned themselves as real alternatives to traditional shopping. However, companies must stand out even more from the almost endless competition online and therefore take care of all aspects of their image. The packaging being one of the only sources of direct and physical contact between the online store and the customer, the latter must be particularly neat, refined and personalized in order to leave a good impression on your customers and thus retain them even more.

Shipping boxes for sending

Centuryprint offers different types of e-commerce sending boxes, giving you the flexibility to select the e-commerce packaging that is right for you. We can offer the Postpack, which is a more traditional customizable shipping package. This customizable cardboard box is printable using different techniques, digital printing and flexo printing. Another box model we offer is the magnetic box with ribbon. This much smaller model is more for sending membership cards,gift cards or very refined and delicate products. Finally, we also offer a more original shipping box model, in kraft cardboard, this will ensure the arrival in excellent condition of your delicate products. To ensure a hassle-free shipment, you can also use our customizable recycled silk paper as a wedge, securing your product.In addition, we also offer flexible mailing envelopes, which can also be personalized. Customizable shipping envelopes come in many sizes, which can carry many different products

How to pack your vinted, etsy, shopify parcel?

Indeed, these booming applications offer you to send your clothes and objects that you no longer use to other people and others. However, sometimes it is difficult to find packaging that guarantees safe shipment. For this reason, you can order different types of shipping packages, mailing envelopes, and other ecommerce packaging. In addition to offering these different packaging for small web shops in very small quantities, all of these products are also customizable and will therefore allow you to help build your brand image.