packaging for Shoes

Centuryprint offers different types of shoe packagings. A cardboard printable shoebox and printed silk paper, luxurious and resistant.

packaging for Shoes

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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Centuryprint offers several types of shoe packagings. Indeed, among its available models, Centuryprint has concocted customizable packaging solutions for different needs. In order to fulfill the need for shoe packaging, we have found 2 models that are particularly practical for shoes. On the one hand we have a customizable shoebox with a lid and available in several sizes, and on the other hand we offer printed silk paper to fill the box.

    Shoe box

    The cardboard shoebox we offer is the Smartflat. This large kraft box is very bulky and can fit most existing shoes. This customizable box is an ideal solution for packing shoes, combining strength and robustness, this shoe box is adapted to meet your needs. This box can be personalized using two printing techniques, hot foil stamping and digital printing on a predefined area. These printing techniques offer great creative freedom on shoeboxes, you can customize them as you wish.

    Silk paper for shoes

    Centuryprint offers high quality printable silk paper. This printable silk paper is perfect for wedging shoes in the box, this silk paper can also be used on its own.