Chocolate packaging

Centuryprint offers different types of chocolate packagings. We offer models like the sweet box, cubox, paper bag and silk paper for food.

Chocolate packaging

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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Centuryprint offers a range of products adapted for use as customized chocolate packaging. Indeed, we have developed many products, also for packing chocolates. Among our many environmentally friendly packaging, some items are used as personalized food packaging. In our range of packaging for chocolates, we offer boxes for chocolate, personalized chocolate revisited ballotins, a paper bag for chocolates and tissue paper to carefully and gently pack your chocolates and pralines. Indeed,so being used for chocolate, our reusable packages are ideal for chocolates. The box is a sweet chocolate box that can also officiate as a single box of pralines. Our packaging is made out of biodegradable kraft, this means that its impact on the environment is reduced. As with any type of gift packaging, Century Box tries to reduce the possible impact on the environment, it is essential for a packaging company to develop environmentally responsible techniques to preserve the planet.

    The chocolate art is a typical Belgian specialty, it was obvious to Centuryprint to offer a range of suitable products for chocolate packaging. However, the peculiarity of Centuryprint is to offer personalized packaging for chocolate in a very short time and in very small quantities. You can order only a few dozen empty chocolate packages, giving you the opportunity to change design regularly to your personalized chocolate boxes. The packaging for chocolate developed by Centuryprint is highly qualitative and will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

    Ballotins for chocolates

    TCenturyprint developed custom boxes used in different contexts. Three models we offer are particularly useful for chocolate. Indeed these custom packaging for chocolate may well officiate as small boxes. The sweet box is a chocolate box model that can replace the traditional small box. This customizable cardboard package for chocolate and other products, has many possible uses.

    Another model we propose is the cubox. This cubic cardboard box replaces the traditional box of chocolates is the Cubox. This cubic magnetic box is very original in form, this set is for chocolate. This box for chocolate is robust and strong. This allows it to deliver your sweet products in the best condition. Typical sweet products range from chocolate to biscuits, but can also be pralines. The cubox is larger than a traditional small box. The original packaging for chocolate may contain more products and better conditions.

    Finally, we also offer a finer and more delicate food packaging. This chocolate box contains your most precious pralines and chocolates. The Concord box has built-in satin ribbons that can seal the contents.

    Bag for chocolate

    Also instead of traditional ballotins, centuryprint offers customizable kraft bags. The durable kraft bag "safari" can hold your different products firmly with its twisted handles. This customizable paper bag for chocolate can be printed with digital printing on a predefined area or the entire bag.

    silk paper for chocolate

    Centuryprint also offers customized silk paper to wrap your chocolates, pralines, and other products that need delicate handling. The tissue paper that we offer is high quality and strong.