Cosmetics packaging

Centuryprint offers a wide range of customizable packaging solutions to its customers active in the cosmetic sector. Printed cardboard perfume boxes, reusable paper bags for lotions, and many other types of packaging can be found.

Cosmetics packaging

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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Centuryprint offers different models of ecological cosmetics packaging and customizable upscale.

    It is increasingly important for companies to stand out from the competition. one of the most effective ways to create a visual identity is to offer a customizable packaging for cosmetic products to your customers. This will build loyalty with them and increase your brand recognition. Our cosmetic packaging is adaptable to many products, in fact, packaging for perfume is imaginable, as are customizable boxes for delicate products such as makeup, essential oils, or lotions of all kinds. We offer a wide range of packaging for cosmetics customizable and delivered very quickly.


    We offer different types of customizable boxes for cosmetics in our catalog. Indeed, our models of recycled Cosmetics Packaging made out of cardboard ensure maximum safety when transporting your cosmetics. Firstly, we have the Cubox, a cubic carton box through different techniques:

    • - Hot foil stamping
    • - Digital printing
    • - Screen printing

    These techniques provide an update to your expectations. This box with a customizable cover is especially convenient to pack your delicate products. In addition, we offer the flatbox, century print’s flagship model among the magnetized cardboard boxes. This robust and elegant foldable magnetic box will present a real asset to your brand, your customers will keep and reuse at home, remembering your brand.

    The cardboard box with ribbons ""concorde"" is a more stylish reusable cosmetic packaging, in fact, this package suitable for cosmetic products seduces your customer base and ensure a positive impact for your brand. This cardboard box with tape closure is one of the more luxurious packages available, it can be customized through the use of various printing techniques such as hot foil printing or digital printing on a predefined area.

    In addition, we also offer other box models that can be used to pack cosmetics, such as Hingbox and flatbox. The Hingbox is a delicate box with a lid, this box delivered already assembled is primarily intended for fine products. Built from high-quality cardboard, it carries your bottles and other fragile containers safely. The customizable cardboard box flatbox is the most advanced magnetic boxes on the market. She wants to be luxurious, sturdy, and handy. Rigid cardboard constituted 100% recycled to 1200 g / m² coated with a cover paper (interior and exterior) of 140 g/m² with or without film coating according to colors, it ensures maximum protection of the product.

    Paper bag for cosmetics

    In addition to providing a wide range of cardboard boxes that can be used to package different types of cosmetics, centuryprint offers a range of customizable bags made out of paper, that can fill all your needs. First, the classic safari paper bag is an easy and inexpensive solution for your large products. Consisting of white kraft paper or kraft natural of 110 gr / m², this kraft paper customizable bag is provided with handles made out of twisted paper (match the color of the paper) which are glued inside the bag by a paper patch reinforcement. Simple cosmetics packaging but refined, it is perfect to easily transport your products. The bottom of the bag is not doubled or reinforced cardboard, unlike Noblesse paper bag. The Noblesse paper bag is stronger, allowing him to carry a heavier load. This more qualitative paper bag is a packaging solution highly appreciated by our customers in all kinds of areas.

    Personalized cosmetic packaging with a few clicks

    With the development of our online platform, you can now easily customize and quickly order your favorite cosmetic packaging. Available from very small amounts (25 units), centuryprint offers many printing techniques, each with its strong point, such as:

    • - Hot foil stamping
    • - Digital printing
    • - Screen printing
    • - Offset printing
    According to an easy procedure, you will be able to customize your cosmetic packaging quickly and save time. We've created a quick and easy to use software to customize your packaging with our web application. A fast, safe, and easy way to design your packaging in your web browser without pre-existing knowledge in graphics. Take control!

    Ecological cosmetic packaging, an important challenge

    We are in a situation where consumers are starting to be more and more attentive to their own ecological impact on the environment and to encourage people to continue in this process, we offer a wide range of environmentally responsible packaging for cosmetics. Our ecological cosmetics packaging has a ready-made solution for your sign, it is not enough only to affix your logo and make your colors. The kraft paper is the solution of choice, but it is also interesting to note that we strive to reduce our environmental impact to the maximum in order to limit our footprint. In addition to kraft paper, our products are mostly biodegradable. Our range of biodegradable cosmetics packaging presents another real asset in the daily struggle for a better future.