Packaging for candles

Centuryprint offers a wide range of custom packaging solutions for candles. We have a broad selection of cardboard kraft boxes, high-quality paper bags, and printable silk paper.

Packaging for candles

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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Centuryprint offers a wide range of packaging for candles. A wide variety of products available, in fact, we offer boxes for packing glass candles, candles in bags, or printed silk paper. These different personalized packaging options for candles will give you the opportunity to seduce your customers. Attractive and durable packaging is very important these days, it is one of the few tangible items that the customer takes from your shop at home. Thanks to the customized ecological packaging we offer, you will be able to retain more of your customers. The candles represent a market that is in constant growth, the number of competitors is increasing. To stand out in the sector of the candle, you can opt for custom packaging adapted to scented candles. Packing for personalized handcrafted candle is an original solution.

    Boxes for candles

    Among our customizable packaging offers tailored to candles, we have a wide range of customized cardboard boxes. These are capable of holding one or more candles of different shapes. The candles come in many forms, which is why we offer a wide variety of customizable packaging for candles. Do not hesitate to contact us if you look after a specific model, we also make custom projects. In fact, when we evoke the best known magnetized box of Centuryprint, we talk about the flatbox. The custom cardboard box can contain many candles at once, all secured during transport. The custom magnetic cabinet is available in many formats, and can be customized with different techniques:

    • - Hot foil stamping
    • - Digital printing on predefined area
    • - Offset printing on the entire bag
    Each of these techniques has advantages, one being more precise, another ensuring a brighter logo.

    The Hingbox is another custom magnetic box for candles that we offer in our range. This is delicate and can hold your thinner candles smoothly while ensuring product safety. Its low height has been studied to easily be associated with postpack boxes and to be shipped by the Postal service of most of our countries(usually high maximum 3 cm). What makes the Hingebox a perfect companion for Eshops as well as for physical shops.

    The Berlingot pillow box is a cardboard box delivered flat with a very particular shape. Indeed, this cushion-shaped box is very voluminous when mounted, it can contain a multitude of objects at once. This cardboard box for candles is solid and durable, allowing customization to give it your colors easily. Customizing boxes makes them each unique, differentiating yourself from the competition.

    Bags for candles

    In addition to providing a variety of printable boxes for candles Centuryprint offers a variety of customized paper bags and reusable customized pouches. These bags for candles can fill 2 functions, firstly they may contain directly candles and secondly, they can pack various boxes models straight. The interest to pack the box can be to facilitate transport for the customer. But this also helps to avoid damaging the box due to weather conditions. Different kraft paper bags models are available, such as the boutique bag and the Noblesse kraft paper bag. The noblesse kraft paper bag is available in different formats, special paper sublimes your brand. Chic, modern, and original, the noblesse bag adds value to your products. It is made out of resistant kraft paper with its tanned or white Kraft choice of 170 gr/m² (non-coated), its reinforced bottom and upper edges lined with a reinforcement glued cardboard of 400 gr/m². It can carry any type of product safely. Handhold cords of 5 mm * 45 cm knotted cotton, bring a touch of freshness and lightness to the bag. The image of your brand is enhanced by this timeless kraft paper bag. In addition to providing kraft paper bags, Centuryprint offers some custom reusable bags. The main bag we offer is the Tote bag. This classic packaging is available in different materials:

    • - Tote bag TNT
    • - Tote bag in Jean
    • - Tote bag Cotton
    • - Tote bag Felt

    The personalized tote bag for candles is a solution of packaging for highly original candles. This reusable bag is sure to surprise and seduce your customers. Various printing techniques are also applicable to these bags according to customer demand.

    Small order quantity

    With our facilities in Belgium, Centuryprint is able to offer a large number of packaging solutions. This also applies to packaging for candles. Many solutions are available in very small quantities, from 25 pieces. In addition most of our packaging products are delivered within less than 15 days, giving you the opportunity to order packaging in an emergency.