Packaging for Flowers

Centuryprint offers a wide range of packaging solutions to florists. Flower box, bags for flowers, silk paper to wrap flowers in.

Packaging for Flowers

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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    If you are wondering how to properly pack a flower or a bouquet of flowers, the available florist packaging solutions will be of great help. Centuryprint offers you a wide range of packaging for flowers. Indeed, we proudly present our different types of packaging designed for florists and other artisans working with plants. Customizable kraft flower boxes, printable kraft paper bag, and printable silk paper, so many are the options available from Centuryprint. In addition to offering these different types of packaging for florists, Century Box offers you the possibility of personalizing your packaging for flowers. It is important for Centuryprint to offer appropriate packaging according to the sectors of activity of our partners. For this reason, we have developed packaging solutions for different categories, such as food packaging, biodegradable packaging and therefore also packaging for florists.

    Flower boxes

    Centuryprint sells 4 boxes which may be particularly suitable for florists. Indeed, these cardboard boxes are bulky and solid, able to perfectly contain your most prestigious bouquets. The Flowerbox is a very large box for flowers, it also comes with a lid. This box for orchids for example is very strong and resistant, the flowers will arrive intact at their destination. Another model than the Flowerbox, we also offer the Cubox, which is also a voluminous customizable kraft box suitable for containing flowers and bouquets. This packaging for bouquet of flowers is strong and unique, it will highlight your floral creations. The take-out box is a very practical solution for packing your flowers for shipments. Indeed, this ecological packaging for e-commerce and for all types of transport, ensures a shipment in the best conditions for your flowers. Finally, the concorde box is ideal for containing your finest flowers. This delicate but luxuriant packaging allows you to highlight small flowers and give them the attention they deserve.

    Flower bag

    In addition to offering flower boxes, Centuryprint also has a kraft paper bag that can meet your packaging needs as a florist or floral artist. The kraft bag with handles "Safari" is a strong and solid personalized paper bag. This biodegradable kraft packaging is an ecological solution and in line with your image. Affixed with your logo, this kraft bag with handles, can contain your different creations. This bag for florists is a multifunctional solution, this bag can contain flowers, but also any other accessory that you offer in your shop. This flower bag is ideal for your business.

    Papier de soie pour fleur

    Finalement, Centuryprint vous propose également du papier pour fleuriste. Ce papier pour emballer des fleurs est constitué de papier de soie biodégradable très délicat mais néanmoins résistant. Le papier de soie pour fleuriste peut être personnalisé grâce à différentes techniques d’impression.