Packaging solutions for hotels. We offer cardboard kraft boxes, kraft paper bags, and custom silk paper. Different solutions can be found to find the perfect packaging.


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Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

Centuryprint offers a wide range of packaging for the hospitality sector. Indeed, a wide range of customizable generic packaging is available in our online store. To keep your valued customers, even in the current difficult period, we recommend a package bearing the image of your business. This qualitative memory will be retained by your customer, reminding him of his pleasant stay. Packaging is one of the few tangible items that the customer can take home, so make sure it stands out from the competition. Many custom packaging designs for hotels and other establishments are available. This packaging for hotels can be used for many purposes, for example, one can pack a souvenir from a shop in your customized packaging. But it can also serve as a cardholder box for loyalty cards, business cards, or gift cards.

boxes for hotel

A large selection of boxes that can find use in the hotel industry is available in our online store. More luxurious models than others exist, but each article will find utility. At first, we can provide the magnetic cardboard "flatbox", a kraft cardboard box model. Print your logo thanks to digital printing on the predefined areas or with hot foil stamping. Other models of magnetized boxes that we offer are quite close to the flatbox. We talk about flatbox and Hingbox. These two packages can contain a variety of items, ranging from a simple bath towel to exclusive products such as champagne or foie gras, you could indulge in room service directly in the room. These magnetized cardboard packagings' purpose is to combine luxury, elegance, and resistance.

Another box model that we can offer to hotels, is the cardholder box. Indeed, this packaging cardboard holder for business cards is very unique. If you wish, it is also possible to order this box with a tape fastener.

Finally, two models of more traditional cardboard boxes are also available in our catalog. This is the Pillow box berlingot and kraft cardboard box campana. These printable kraft models can also contain a multitude of items, they are available in many sizes.

Paper bags for hotels

Centuryprint mainly offers two paper bags for the hotel trade sector. On the one hand the more luxurious kraft paper bag and otherwise the paper T-shopping bag, gray fabric glued to white paper. The noblesse paper bag is a more special kraft paper bag. This special kraft paper makes this paper bag very unique and exclusive. Indeed, it adds value to your products. With a reinforced bottom and upper edges lined with a reinforcement glued cardboard. The T-bag shopping is a very original and unique paper bag. Indeed, white kraft paper is nothing spectacular all by itself, but when you glue it against a recycled cotton gray cloth, the bag is enhanced. This paper bag and fabric is exclusive to Centuryprint. The bag mixes the elegance of a shopping paper bag to that of reusable cotton bag. A surprising mix that, enhanced by your logo, will certainly have a strong impact on your products, which will help build customer loyalty.

Silk paper for hotel

Finally, we offer customized and printed silk paper that can suit your needs. Indeed, it is obvious that your packaging needs are not the same when you are a hotel, this is why we support you in your efforts to ensure satisfaction and that of customers. The custom silk paper can be printed by flexographic printing in 1 color, but also through offset printing in 1 color.