Centuryprint offers underwear packaging solutions for companies and boutiques selling underwear to women and men. Custom cardboard boxes, printed paper bags, and customizable silk paper will help you to pack your underwear in a stylish and practical way.


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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Personalized Promotional Packaging for lingerie store

    A large share of the clothing budget is spent in lingerie by French women on average. Indeed, we observe generally a little less than 20% of the budget spendings for clothes is used to buy underwear. It is of course important to offer a quality product, but it is also possible to stand out from the competition by offering an original and personalized packaging. Packing for lingerie is a niche market, it can sometimes be difficult to find suitable solutions that align with your brand’s image. For this reason, Centuryprint has developed a range of products that can be used without any problems in a luxurious and elegant environment. Your shop transmits certain values, so it is important to identify the same thing through your promotional items including packaging for underwear. The promotional package for the lingerie store includes advertising bags, gift boxes, or personalized silk paper.

    Depending on your needs and your positioning, a wide range of packaging for underwear is available to you. This leaves you the pleasure of choosing among many options, we will gladly help you if necessary. It is obvious to note that the positioning and the target of your shop is not the generality for other lingerie stores. This is an additional reason to mark this differentiation by opting for high-end packaging. The customized and ecological packaging proposed by Centuryprint guarantees you an alignment between the branding of your shop and your personalized custom packaging. The values ​​that matter to you will end up in the details of the packaging with our different printing options.

    With the health crisis we are currently experiencing, many customers’ spending habits were shaken perhaps even permanently. The transition to online sales is obvious and it must continue to grow for most shops. To further satisfy your loyal customers, you can choose to improve your current packaging. Centuryprint supports this progress by providing customized packaging available in a very small amount, allowing you to play on seasonality and adapt your packaging continuously. Your competitors will certainly not have the opportunity to change as regularly as you, even if they wished.

    Personalized gift boxes for a lingerie store

    Centuryprint has developed a wide range of custom packaging products. A number of them are particularly suitable for packing lingerie products. They can be used for packing underwear because they give off some important features in this sector. Different types of personalized gift boxes for underwear are available in our shop. Indeed, first, we propose the flatbox is a very luxurious and upscale personalized magnetic box. It is a flagship model from our online store. This kraft magnetic cabinet is customizable through two different techniques, firstly hot foil stamping and secondly digital printing on a predefined area. Besides, it is possible to select different types of paper, special paper, and plain paper. The flatbox is a box that can be used to pack all kinds of underwear. Indeed, it may contain items of women's underwear, as it could enhance male underwear such as boxers or shorts. Another model of customizable magnetic box we propose is the flatbox. This personalized magnet box model is very durable and exudes luxury. Consisting of rigid recycled cardboard, the box offers a more obvious value to your underwear. As Announced previously, a shop needs to be able to differentiate from the competition, the packaging is a key element in this regard.

    Moreover, it is very interesting that to ship your products, you can use our products with confidence. The packaging is resistant to blows, it will guarantee an intact arrival. The hingbox is also available as a coherent package for a lingerie shop. This printable magnetic box offers the possibility to pack products for delicate and safely. It is quite possible to pack satin lingerie or lace lingerie safely. Also, customized packaging will differentiate you from the customer, it's a real value for your shop. The hingbox is complementary to the postpack, a high-end box for sending packages. Finally, we also offer different models of custom kraft cardboard boxes. One model is particularly convenient to pack underwear, is the Pillow shaped box "Berlingot". This thin cardboard box is very malleable and voluminous. Therefore it is possible to pack larger lingerie items such as complete sets. Of course, you can customize this package, making it unique. A unique packaging with your logo will leave a lasting impression on your customers, increasing loyalty at the same time.

    Personalized paper bags for a lingerie shop

    In addition to providing a large number of gift boxes for lingerie we offer some recyclable paper bags for lingerie stores. 3 types of kraft bags exist in our catalog that are adapted to lingerie. Each of these paper bags is customizable with different techniques, guaranteeing impeccable results. Firstly we propose the more traditional safari paper bag. This kraft paper packaging is very light and can hold your fine products. The twisted handles give a seductive effect and natural, the packaging is very polluting. 2 Bags out of superior kraft paper are also available: one noblesse kraft paper bag and other hand noblesse plus paper bag, also called boutique bag. These luxurious kraft paper bags are perfect for packing lingerie. The customer will proudly wear your personalized promotional bag. These printed paper bags are very strong and practical, they can easily be reused many times. By opting for very qualitative bags, you will notice that your customers will reuse them and therefore will advertise for your shop at the same time.

    Printed silk paper

    The printed silk paper we developed at Centuryprint is very qualitative. Indeed, thanks to the flexo printing we can fully customize the silk paper, very quickly. The silk paper finds use in this sector and to pack the underwear to immobilize them in their original packaging. The tissue paper, therefore, provides a real asset, again the customer can retain your custom silk paper and reuse it for other occasions.

    Personalized ecological packaging for a lingerie shop

    The different packaging options we offer are environmentally responsible for most. Indeed, Centurybox needs to offer solutions related to our values. We search continuously how to reduce the environmental impact of our different packages. That logic still applies for packages we offer on Centuryprint. Different kraft paper packagings we propose are also completely biodegradable and 100% recyclable. These two points are important for us, the packaging being a source of pollution, it is our duty to find greener solutions.