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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

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    One of the most competitive industries that exist is the clothing sector. This is true for luxury clothing, but also for modern clothing shops. Many factors come into account in the sales process, such as the expectations of customers growing even higher, the entry of competitors more or less direct but also seasonal demand. It is obvious to note that certain periods are more conducive to sales than others. All these factors increase customer acquisition costs in a significant way. The appropriate response to this phenomenon is to keep its customers. Indeed, loyal customers spend their money in your store rather than the competitors. A personalized package for clothing will help keep your customers. encouraging at the same time to become ambassador to wearing your colors.

    Our wide range of packaging solutions for clothing stores offers many different products, each with its own specificity. Our cardboard shipping boxes can easily hold your sweaters, shirts, jackets, and pants. These custom clothing boxes among others are unique in their kind. Also to provide packages for apparel, we also offer a wide choice among many options in personalized bags made out of ecological paper. These custom reusable bags models can officiate as packaging for the shipment of clothes. Also, this packaging for clothing is a practical solution to protect your box of clothes for outdoor conditions.

    To ensure customer satisfaction, use our recycled shipping cartons. Despite the good reception of the product, it is important for the customer to receive a strong package and in good condition. This package forms the first physical contact during an online order, you must represent your ready-to-wear store in a representative way guaranteeing intact arrival. "Where to order a package for sending clothing?" is a question you can ask yourself as a manager. The question is answered, Centuryprint offers many types of packaging to send your parcels as Secure as possible. The kraft paper we use is light and durable, ensuring the arrival in perfect conditions of your products.

    Customize your clothes packaging

    Also to provide packaging for custom clothing, we also offer printed silk paper. This personalized silk paper can wrap your more delicate items such as shirts, underwear, or neckties and bow ties. Our more traditional products, such as the flatbox and flatbox, these 2 personalized magnetic boxes can contain your products easily the most luxurious. Thanks to the different printing techniques we offer, you can put your personal colors on our packaging for clothing.

    Box for clothing

    Centuryprint offers many high-end packaging solutions for clothing. A range of packaging solutions we offer is the range of boxes and packages for clothing. Indeed a large number of recycled cardboard boxes we offer can be adapted to be used by fashion boutiques. If you offer products ready-to-wear high-end, we propose models of cardboard boxes for clothing luxury. Indeed, the cardboard box for clothes we have in stock, can be customized. The flatbox and flatbox, 2 models of high-end boxes, are the leading products in terms of box shirt. These magnetized boxes form a packaging solution for high-end clothing. The Cubox is a cubic box customizable with different printing techniques such as screen printing on a face in one or two colors, hot embossing, or digital printing on predefined area. This packaging is particularly suitable for clothing, hats, belts or the nodes butterfly. This packaging bow tie and hat is unique and is sure to mark your client.

    The hingbox is a box with lid that is very unique. Indeed, its unusual format offers you the opportunity to pack in it what you want. Indeed, it is conceivable to pack a shirt there, as it is possible to use as a hatbox. The Concorde box is a model derived from Hingbox. Indeed, it is a magnetic box with ribbons, it can easily be used to pack the nodes in particular moths. These fine boxes allow to pack your most delicate fabrics.

    It is important to note that other models are suitable boxes for packing clothing and textiles, for example we can cite the pillow box. These boxes without magnets are very resistant and designed in very resistant kraft paper.

    Custom paper bag for clothes

    Our shop offers many packaging solutions for fashion boutiques. Among this offer, we find many kraft paper bags as the safari paper bag or shopping bag. Also to providing the kraft paper bags, we also offer special paper bags. This special type of paper is stronger and heavier, it might add more value to your actual packaging. Paper bags are typically used to pack safely your different more delicate clothes and so ensure arrival in perfect condition. The bags kraft or special paper proposed by Century print can be used directly as packaging but also officiate as bag to protect your boxes for clothes. Existing in many sizes, we can always offer a bag that can hold your other packaging. Various printing techniques are available to customize your package:

    • - Flexo printing
    • - Offset printing
    • - Hot foil stamping
    • - Digital printing

    Personalize your packaging for clothes

    Centuryprint offers the ability to customize your different packaging for clothing. The customization that we offer is very fast, you will be delivered within less than 15 days for most products. With our integrated tool on our website, you'll be able to customize our different packages directly to clothing. This applies to all products offered in our webshop, each with its specificity and its own printing techniques that apply.

    Ecological packing for clothing

    Centuryprint is committed in the fight against global warming as an actor. Indeed, as a company active in the packaging sector, it is our duty to find eco-responsible packaging solutions. You can take part in this effort by choosing for our packaging made out of kraft paper. Bags and kraft paper boxes form a short term solution, the paper is recycled and 100% recyclable.