Centuryprint offers many packaging options for events. The event packaging that we develop consists of customizable magnetic boxes, kraft paper bags and printed tissue paper.


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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Event packaging is a very effective form of promotional packaging. Indeed, these custom promotional packagings can be produced in very small quantities. The advantage it gives you is that you can produce exclusive packages for an event very easily. For both event agencies as marketing agencies, this packaging will support the construction of the image of your brand. If you are a night club, you can produce luxurious magnetized boxes for your VIP customers. These kraft boxes can be used for many ends for the nightlife scene. It is also conceivable to provide bottles of champagne in the cases of your image.

    The promotional and event packaging is therefore an original solution to increase the visibility of your brand. The construction of the image of your brand is very important nowadays, it helps to keep your customers on one hand. But also acquiring new customers can be achieved through this promotion. The promotional packaging can be renewed regularly, indeed in a very short period, you will be able to adapt your packaging for every occasion. Submit a package in the theme of Christmas, change and opt for more delicate packaging for Valentine's Day, and even immerse your customers in a summer mood with light and cheerful packaging. An infinite number of options are available to you, release your creativity, and impress your customers. You can imagine creating event packaging for very specific events such as a World Cup final, a local market, or other local events. The same goes for cultural events such as representations, a concert or a festival. For every occasion, we can help you to offer you the most suitable packaging for the situation. A packaging designed for specific occasions will encourage your customers to visit your physical store or online. They will want to discover the reason for this new package and will rush to consume in your shop. This special package is sure to attract new customers as well. A packaging that changes is associated with a dynamic and positive brand, it attracts curiosity. To arouse the curiosity, you can communicate on the exclusivity of your packaging. You can tell that this is a unique packaging and limited edition. You can even imagine partnerships for your nonrecurring packaging and work with local designers. Local partnerships can also bring a lot of value to your brand, we offer you the opportunity to work with emerging talents.

    Over time, certain packaging could become collector. They will be the iconic packaging of your sign and will not fail to seduce your target. In addition, if people appreciate your packaging designed specifically for an event, they likely recycle and reuse your packaging over time in other ways. Using your personalized packaging for events, your customers will be your promotion. They will therefore become real ambassadors of your brand through packaging designed specifically for an event. Another non-use mentioned so far is to offer packages for birthdays. Indeed, if you want to organize a birthday when you distribute a souvenir to your guests, it is possible to print in small quantities some models. By offering this option, you can order from 25 units and surprise your guests. Personalized packaging for birthday is very high end and will be particularly appreciated by your loved ones.

    Gift boxes for events

    A wide range of packaging options are available to you in our online store. In this range, many custom gift boxes exist. Their peculiarity lies in their versatility, many applications are conceivable for each type of this packaging. The first model that we propose is the Cubox, this customizable magnet cubic box is a packaging that can be used for many events or occasions. You can customize it with different printing techniques:

    • - screen printing on one side in 2 colors
    • - screen printing on one side in one color
    • - hot foil stamping
    • - digital printing on predefined zone

    These different printing techniques will allow you to select the most appropriate technology for your needs. You can use the Cubox to put exclusive items safely. It can be used as packaging directly, but also as promotional packaging. The magnetic gift box is guaranteed to please your customers. Other models of customizable magnetic boxes are available in our online store. We can mention the cardholder box which is particularly suitable to distribute your exclusive visits cards. This small magnetic gift box is available with or without ribbons to close. You can put in there peacefully your business card, when the receiver opens it he will be impressed. You can also use this magnetic box to distribute VIP tickets to events.

    The hingbox is a gift box model in popular kraft cardboard. Available in many sizes, you are sure to find the model that is perfect. Rather flattened, this box can contain multiple objects. Traditionally it is used to store paper or fine clothing such as scarves, socks or other bow ties. As part of an event, it is quite possible to use it to distribute the catalog or other promotional reading. The flatbox is a personalized magnetic gift box. This model can be used in many settings, which makes it so versatile. You could use it in the dressing room of a representation, or at a trade show as a gift box filled with promotional items. The same use can be found for the flatbox, the most advanced magnetic gift box on the market. You will not fail to impress your customers with this model. As a promotional box, the desired effect will be achieved easily. Its versatility will allow the customer to reuse your magnetic gift box, increasing brand awareness with these people. We can also mention the flowerbox, a bell cardboard box. This box with lid is very large and can contain larger objects. It is also a popular promotional item for its versatility

    Paper bag and promotional reusable bag

    In addition to offering various gift boxes, Centuryprint also offers a number of paper and reusable bags. Many models of kraft paper bags suitable for events exist in Centuryprint. First we can mention the shopping bag, which is a noblesse kraft bag. This special paper offers a very high quality that is sure to impress your clients. The noblesse paper bag is another special paper kraft bag. Indeed, the paper is 100% recyclable and compostable, but it is also very qualitative. This kraft bag will align with your brand, helping to build your brand universe. Many models of reusable bags are also available on our online store. Indeed, we offer personalized and printable TOTE bags. These tote bags that we offer are available in different materials and sizes, it is also possible to order with or without bottom! Materials that are available for TOTE bags are:

    The tote bag is a world-known bag, however with our innovations in terms of materials and printing techniques, we guarantee you a very satisfactory result.

    The ecological impact of promotional packaging

    Promotional packaging can be extremely hazardous if it is not fully reflected. That's why we provide great importance to the quality and origin of our products. In addition to this, we need to offer sustainable packaging solutions. We try to offer environmentally responsible packaging, where nearly every product can be reused and find a second life.