Centuryprint's wine bottle packaging is customizable and environmentally responsible. Personalized bottle cardboard box, paper bag for bottle,s and printed tissue paper.


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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Personalized wine box and another packaging for wine

    Wine is one of the favorite gifts at various gatherings and celebrations. Many opportunities are ideal to deliver gifts to your loved ones. Personalized packaging for wine proposed by Centuryprint will allow you to print different types of packaging for wine with your colors to ensure greater brand recognition. Custom packaging for bottles is not only used to pack wine. It can also be a solution to offer bottles of beer, champagne, liqueurs, and other spirits. Different types of packaging for bottles are available in our online store. Some magnetic customizable boxes, including a custom wine cabinet, or a noblesse paper bags to the size of a wine bottle classic, but is also suitable for a magnum bottle. Not to mention the printed tissue paper that can stall your bottles in our different types of printable packaging.

    Personalized Bottle Boxes

    Mainly 2 models of box wine exist in Centuryprint: the Wine Box and also the Bottle Box. These two solutions of recyclable packaging for bottles are designed to be able to contain different types of formats. Indeed, they may contain formats from the most traditional 75cl bottle to the magnum. Also, we also offer custom cabinets that can hold up to 3 bottles. The Winebox is a very interesting packaging bottle of wine, it can contain different types of bottles of wine or champagne. Its main asset is the handle that provides the ability to transport the bottles with ease, while enhancing them. This package can be customized with different printing techniques such as: offset printing and digital printing on all the box.The bottlebox has the distinction that it can contain in a very resistant way up to 3 bottles in 1 packaging. A magnum format box is also available in our offer.

    Custom paper bag for wine

    3 types of custom paper bags are suitable for transporting bottles of wine, guaranteeing a certain elegance. These different ecological packaging are ideal for containing high-end wine. The shopping bag exists in different formats, one of which is particularly suitable for wine bottles. With these unique size, this customizable kraft paper bag will make sure the wine bottle will be safe. The offset printing on the entire bag with filming, presents a unique appearance, increasing the recognizability of your company. The noblesse bag is an elongated personalized bottle bag that can easily hold a bottle. Also this paper bag nobility is also available in a special paper, ensuring the unique effect. Finally the safari paper bag with digital printing on predefined area also has a packaging solution for personalized bottle of wine. This customizable kraft paper bag is resistant and robust transports your delicate product.

    Printed silk paper to wedge wine bottle

    Silk paper can also be printed with your logo by different printing techniques such as offset printing or 1 color flexo printing. This qualitative customizable silk paper can be used to pack your precious bottle of wine to guarantee him a maximum of safety during transport.

    Ecological bottle packaging

    It is important to note that most of our packaging for bottles are environmentally responsible packaging and limit their environmental impact. The environment is one of the key values ​​of our company, it is interesting for us to get you to choose environmentally responsible packaging options.