Numerous wedding packaging solutions. We offer a large number of cardboard boxes, personalized kraft bags, and printed tissue paper. Also packaging for wedding favors.


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    Centuryprint, the personalized packaging solution, offers you different ranges of printable packaging !

    Marriage is one of the best days of your life, some people like it so much the may live it several times. Indeed, the marriage market is very developed and continues to grow steadily. People are always trying to impress their guests, customizing items for marriage is therefore a real asset. This customization is often very limited, but thanks to our tools, we can customize many types of packaging. You will be able to deliver personalized boxes for weddings by using our services. It is also conceivable to customize wedding invitations by opting for original packaging which combines strength and elegance. These objects are intended particularly for wedding agencies involved in this entire festive day. By opting for custom eco-friendly packaging for a wedding party, you will impress those around before the party and the rest of the day. Many wedding parties are very similar, you will be able to distinguish yourself through the personalized approach that we offer. The offer we have developed applies both to gigantic weddings with hundreds of people, as very intimate wedding with just close relatives. Some of our products are available from 25 units so you will choose an appropriate number of packages.

    Customizable gift boxes and wedding box

    Centuryprint has developed a wide range of custom packaging products deliverable in a very short time. Among this range, we offer several types of custom boxes suitable for weddings. The quality boxes will impress the guests and offer you the opportunity to return to the theme immediately. Regularly weddings are organized around certain more or less original themes, our solution will build the universe of the marriage at the reception of the invitation. Imagine an invite in a small custom decorated box in the continuity of the wedding atmosphere. The most appropriate original packaging to send your wedding invitation is the cardholder box. This little box with insert holds the invitation up and dazzle recipients immediately. Various printing techniques exist for this box:

    • - Hot foil printing
    • - Digital printing on predefined zone

    These techniques offer you the freedom to customize the little magnetic box as desired. We will gladly help you choose the most appropriate technology for your needs. This cardboard box model for holding cards or wedding invitations is also available with ribbons. Another model of customized magnetic carton is Cubox. The cubic box is very convenient to contain many objects. His versatility allows him to take on many roles. As part of a wedding, we can clearly imagine that a cubic box fills a container role for wedding invitations. The wedding invitations come in many shapes and form one of the highlights of the wedding. Make it memorable for your loved ones with a personalized reusable cardboard box. They keep for many years, recalling fond memories just by seeing. For the newlywed couple that box is also a tangible reminder of the happiest days of their lives.

    We can also offer the flowerbox which is a bell jar with lid. This large and cubic box, but not magnetized, will offer the possibility of offering beautiful gifts at the wedding. The bell box with cover is perfect for holding products such as flower arrangements, accessories to wear (belts, scarves and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration (teapot, statue) MUG (cups) and candles. She rises instantaneously and remains in the mounted position thanks to a clever rocking mounting system with a permanent sticker. The pillow box Berlingot is another original box model. Initially delivered flat, once mounted it is very voluminous. It can officiate as an ideal gift bag for all your events. This personalized gift bag can be used to provide a souvenir to your invited.

    Bag for wedding

    If you want to offer a souvenir to your guests as a reusable bag paper, many options exist at Centurybox. Other than the classic personalized Tote bag Centuryprint offers the possibility to opt for custom kraft paper bags. These custom kraft bags come in different forms, including 2 particularly suitable for the wedding environment. The first is the Noblesse paper bag. This special paper is heavier than the conventional kraft paper, it gives you the opportunity to offer an ecological quality kraft bag. The offset printing offers the ability to customize the bag completely. The other model of kraft bag we offer to marriage agencies is the T-shopping bag. This kraft paper bag is laminated with tissue. This tissue is gray recycled cotton making this personalized bag very elegant and luxurious. Your guests will certainly be charmed by its softness. The elegant noblesse paper bag is lighter than the reusable cotton bag. A surprising mix that, enhanced by your logo, will certainly have a strong impact on your products. They have handles in cotton cord, 5 mm diameter, gray color. As stated above, it is also possible to opt for the custom tote bag. These reusable cloth bags are available in different versions in terms of selected material:

    • - Tote bag in Felt
    • - Tote bag in Cotton
    • - Tote bag TNT
    • - Tote bag Felt
    The use of these bags for your wedding party will ensure a continuation of the festive atmosphere up at home, and each time you'll relive the moment by looking at the personalized bag.

    Wedding pouches

    In addition to providing bags and boxes for marriage, we also have a range of customizable kits suitable for use at various wedding events. 2 types of reusable and environmentally friendly bags are particularly suitable for use at wedding parties. On the one hand there is the classic customizable cotton pouch available in several formats. The 3 formats that exist are highly complementary and have the potential to contain a wide variety of objects. Customization is available with screen printing in 1 color. These kits are particularly useful for holding wedding invitations or other treats. The T-bag pouch is a packaging paper close to the paper bag “T-shopping bag". It is also a white kraft paper bag with tissue pasted against. The selected fabric is made from recycled cotton gray.