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    The CARAVEL card holders offer a unique packaging solution, made from 1200 g/m² cardboard and 157 g/m² cover paper. Its exclusive interlocking design completely conceals the card, providing a mysterious and elegant presentation ideal for gifts and cards.

    This model features a sophisticated sleeve-type closure that captures attention. Customize with high-end options like hot printing for metallic finishes and screen printing for precise designs.

    Compliant with the ISO 7810 standard, the CARAVEL fits various card types perfectly. Available in three colors: Brown Kraft, White, and Black, these card holders are more than packaging—they enhance your brand's presentation and stand out with originality and functionality.

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    The CARAVEL card holders offer a unique and stylish approach to packaging, designed with 1200 gr/m² cardboard and coated with 157 gr/m² interior and exterior cover paper. This exclusive design allows the two parts of the packaging to interlock, completely concealing the card inside. This creates a chic and enigmatic presentation for your cards, perfect for gifts, invitations, membership, or loyalty cards.

    The CARAVEL model features a sleeve-type closure, an original and surprising approach to card packaging. This closure adds a touch of sophistication and intrigue, captivating the attention of your clientele.

    The card holder format is standard, compliant with ISO 7810 for credit cards (85.725 × 53.975 mm), ensuring a perfect fit for various types of cards, whether laminated or not.

    To personalize your presentation, printing can be done over a large area of the CARAVEL box, allowing you to fully immerse your customer in your brand universe.

    Available in three captivating colors:

    • Kraft Brown: offers a natural and uncoated appearance, highlighting authenticity
    • White: with a matte finish for a refined and elegant look
    • Black: with solid-colored paper, add a touch of sophistication and mystery to your presentation

    The CARAVEL card holders are more than just packaging; they offer an experience to your customers. Combining style, originality, and functionality, these card holders are an ideal choice for brands looking to stand out in their presentations.

    Explore more options for custom packaging and discover current trends in packaging on our blog. Learn also about debossing, a printing-free customization technique that could transform your custom packaging.

    In addition to its sleek design and functionality, CARAVEL card holders also offer exceptional customization through versatile printing options. With our expertise in hot foil stamping and screen printing, we can easily add your logo, brand name, or any other custom design to these card holders, giving them a distinctive and professional touch. Hot foil stamping adds an elegant and luxurious aesthetic, while screen printing offers exceptional precision and durability. Whatever your choice, our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your CARAVEL card holders perfectly match your vision and branding needs.


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    Printing method
    Digital printing
    Hot foil stamping
    Shipping time
    2 weeks
    1200 g/m²